Want to feel fear or push back your limits? On land, in the air and out on the water: in Brittany, everything is possible. In this region with its natural environment, you can find the excitement you are looking for. From the coast to the hidden secrets of the countryside, outdoor activities offering that adrenaline rush can be carried out in a dream setting. Let yourself go and give it a whirl!

  • Kite-surfing

    With your head in the clouds and your feet in the water. Kite-surfing, which brings together a surfboard and a kite promises you something truly exceptional: you challenge two elements and feel the thrill of being towed along. From the north to south coasts there are the remarkable locations and beaches that Brittany is famous for, and today it is one of the leading areas for this exciting sport.

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  • Kayaking in white waters

    In Brittany, it’s not just the sea and the ocean that offer you excitement. From the Ille to the Blavet and the Scorff, the region has many more white water sites than you might have imagined. Aboard a kayak, which is an activity that anyone can do, the excitement and pleasure are just a paddle away.

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  • Wakeboarding

    Thanks to this sport which can be done by anyone, you’ll feel that adrenaline rush in just a few minutes.  Very quickly you’ll be soaring out of the water and the feeling hits you immediately. Even if this is your first lesson, you’ll get to try some acrobatics.  Schools provide classes all around Brittany at locations that are top class and perfectly suited to the requirements of beginners.

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  • Mountain-biking

    When mountain-biking, you play around with the terrain. As easy as cycling, mountain-biking allows you however to go much further and intensify the thrills. You quickly learn how to handle your bike and “tame” it. Brittany is a remarkable playground and holiday location for mountain bike enthusiasts: you can find sign-posted trails to suit your every need.

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  • Parachuting

    Free-falling from a height of more than 2 miles (3500 m) to speed through the air at 125 mph: parachuting is an ideal activity to feel those emotions and grab some of that magic that will always stay with you. In Brittany, you will also enjoy a remarkable sight as you jump towards the coast.

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