Freedom means “being able to do what you want without any hindrance using the means at your disposal.” In Brittany you’ll certainly find a whole range of means. At sea, on land or in the air, experts can offer you many ways to find that freedom. You can just sit back and enjoy it…

  • Catamaran and dinghy sailing

    On one or two hulls, the choice is yours depending on what you are looking for. These boats allow you to get away from the shoreline very quickly and be independent. In just a second, you are free of all constraints. You just have to deal with the wind and currents. For everything else, you can sail where you want and admire the coast from a peaceful distance.

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  • Diving

    How about the freedom of seeking out new worlds and the magic of discovering new things? Diving enables you to see sights you could not imagine and you will always be surprised by the coast of Brittany. Under the water in this silent world, there is a universe of freedom open to you. Take your first dive, swim with your flippers on, go for an underwater excursion, or a guided tour. Dive holding your breath or with bottles to visit this underwater world… In Brittany there are many possibilities for fans of the deep.

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  • Stand up Paddle-boarding

    Paddle Boarding offers a range of pleasures. Move around as you want, wherever you are and whatever the tide. Comfortable, light, easy to handle, paddle boards make your trip easy and allow you to do what you want. Get a large stable board with a long paddle and the sea is your oyster! And on top of that you really feel like you are walking on water.

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  • Horse-riding

    What could be more enticing than galloping on a deserted beach? There’s just you and your horse. You really get a feeling of power and freedom. Horses are in many ways the symbol of freedom itself, as you can go through legendary forests or discover the rugged coastline on your afternoon trip or longer excursion. Discover the open spaces and let your hair fly in the wind!

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  • Gliding

    In silence and very gently, you are gliding… Free as a bird, you frolic with the clouds, pushed along by the thermals. Whether it is your first flight or you are taking the controls of your own glider, you can float away into the horizon which stretches out from Brittany with its coastline, and islands beneath you.

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