In the waves, on the sand, on the tops of cliffs or in the heart of the forests, fans of speed will find a whole range of activities in Brittany, which will send shivers of pleasure up and down their spines. With or without an engine, aided by the contrasting landscapes, you’ll be able to go that bit further…

  • Water skiing

    Down on the water being towed by a motor boat, you’ll find all the excitement of high speed. Water skiing is a sporting activity which is good exercise and offers you the enjoyment of darting along on the surface of the water without the risk of running “off the road”.

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  • Sand yachting

    Speeding along using your driving skills, sand yachting allows you to go zooming along a straight line at a steady speed. The sand yacht picks up speed with the wind. It’s up to you to find your own pace and tame this machine which can be quite fiery. In Brittany, this sport is carried out on splendid wild beaches. In silence, you steer on the water’s edge, at one with nature and the speed is exhilarating.

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  • Car racing

    For those, who love legendary cars, the Lohéac circuit located in a Breton village dedicated entirely to car racing is a place you cannot miss. Around the circuit, driving schools offer made to measure courses to allow you to settle into the driving seat of a dream machine and enjoy all the pleasure of racing car driving.

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  • Karting

    An enjoyable sport, karting is a type of car racing offering all the thrills of speed, which will amaze and enthral you. Outdoors or indoors, you can find race circuits all around Brittany and enjoy driving without any risks and complications. A good way for youngsters to start out with an activity where you need to respect the rules of driving.

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