Surfing sensation

Come and glide over the water and the crests of the waves, sitting down or standing up with or without a sail. Brittany offers a unique opportunity for fans of board sports. There are many ideal locations and the region’s water sports centres can satisfy all your requirements. Those who enjoy board sports are bound to find what they are looking for here.

  • Surfing

    When you go surfing, you’ll be right down on the water and you’ll feel yourself speeding along. Very little equipment is required, but it guarantees sheer enjoyment and soon you’ll be at one with the waves. After a few exercises on dry land and after observing the water, you’re ready to take to the sea and enjoy speeding along the water. You’ll soon feel that satisfaction of your first successful wave. From the age of five, many schools around Brittany offer practical help and lessons to get you started and teach you how to make progress.

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  • Windsurfing

    Between you and the sea your board slides along the waves. The feeling of sliding along comes quickly and learning how to windsurf is not complicated, as long as you take a few lessons. The water sports centres in Brittany are famous for the standard of their teaching and offer a wide range of services to people of all levels. Beginners can take their first steps after a few classes and will soon learn how to master the surf.

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  • Wave-skiing

    Waves and eddies offer those, who wave-ski, the sensations associated with sledging and tobogganing. You slide along the water sitting on a surf board. By paddling like on a kayak, you make your way around the currents and disturbances. You rapidly get to grips with what you have to do and beginners enjoy themselves very quickly. Thanks to the paddle, you can move around the spot easily and can surf on many waves.

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