It all goes so smoothly

Picture 1 Gliding Picture 2 Gliding

Silently, gently, let yourself go… Like a bird, go and look for the thermals, climb up a little bit further… Then, let yourself drift towards another cloud. There’s just the air, the sky and you: do what you want now!

Gliding is like a subtle game between the pilot and thermals. The aim? To stay in the air for as long as possible and land where you intended to. “A skilled pilot can fly over 300 miles in a single flight,” stressed Yves Blandin, a flying instructor.

Free as a bird

Each time I find myself at the controls of my glider, I have the magical feeling that I’ve grown wings like a bird. The only noise you hear is the wind against the wings as you soar… I look down to find  out where I am and then I look for a cloud, which will allow me to climb to a higher altitude without leaving my flight area. I glide gently, veer, find a thermal and the spiral climb begins… A quick glance around me and then at the instruments, and I’m off again looking for more wind with another cloud ahead…

Your first steps

Gliding is a sport anyone can do. So, to start out, pop along and take one of the flights for beginners at one of the centres in Brittany. In a two-seater, alongside an experienced pilot, you can take a thirty minute flight. Wearing sunglasses, a cap and with your camera, you’ll find the sight amazing. After this introductory flight, the bird that is within us all comes alive and you’ll surely want to fly again.  So another flight, course or lessons, and you can take things one step further and get back up there again…

Did you know?

For your introductory flight in a glider, you do not require a medical certificate or licence.

I want to try it !