Helicopter flights

Dream with your eyes wide open

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From the air, Brittany with its jagged coastline offers some sights that will take your breath away. To enjoy the show and get away from it all, a helicopter flight will leave you with some unforgettable deep emotions… something you’ll always remember.  

Helicopters remain an incredible way to fly, as you get the impression that you are levitating.  Thanks to its agility and its ability to hover, the helicopter is the ideal way to discover the sights from an angle you don’t usually get to see.

Flight plan

Let’s go crazy! On this wonderful spring weekend with a few friends we reserved a trip to fly over the reefs of the wild coast of Belle-Ile, a truly beautiful island. We headed for Quiberon Bay then Houat and Hoedic that we left to port. After sweeping to the left, we saw Poulains Point with its majestic lighthouse appear before our very eyes.

Your first steps

For this first trip, it’s a good idea to put on dark clothes to stop seeing your reflection in the window. And don’t forget your camera. During a quick briefing session, the pilot will show you his flight plan and will tell you what you can and cannot do on board. From the first few seconds it will all seem like a magical moment to you. After take-off, you’ll have to pinch yourself to tell yourself it’s really happening: on board a helicopter, you will be able to dream with your eyes wide open.

Did you know?

There are several possibilities (20 minute flights, half hour or longer…), several different flight plans, and guided tours so you can discover various sites around Brittany, some of which are usually inaccessible, which give the region its superb reputation.

I want to try it !