Watching the world from a microlight…

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There’s the pre and post era when you’re talking about flying a microlight. Before you do it, you think it’s going to be impossible for you and too tough. Afterwards, you are speechless. When you are up there, time stands still. Warm and dry inside the cockpit, the world opens up before you: a fascinating sight passes by. You’ve found a completely different way to see life, the town, the sea and indeed Brittany…

There are microlights and microlights. The powered paraglider is the most basic kind: you have a motor on your back and paraglider wings stretching out. The most famous is the microlight trike a sort of motorised deltaplane.

Nowadays, professionals offer introductory flights and beginners’ sessions aboard what are really small airplanes: multi-axis planes. Fitted with a chassis, they are reliable, efficient and can fly without the need to refuel for several hundred kilometers, which means you can certainly enjoy some fabulous flights.

Flying on a multi-axis plane

I’ve always dreamt of flying. One day a small plane flew over my garden. It turned out to be a microlight. I had no hesitation: I signed up for an introductory flight.  It was magical. I was amazed at the panoramic vision that appeared before my eyes.

From the sky, the land looks very different… Sitting comfortably in the sunshine, your eyes will be wide open. Mont Saint Michel Bay, the Gulf of Morbihan, the pointe du Raz headland, Ushant, Houat, Hoedic and Belle-Île… Brittany has so many fabulous sites to see and they are even more fascinating seen from above.

Your first steps

You just need to book a flight and sit back and enjoy every minute you are in the air. You don’t need to learn all about flying, but those, who want to continue to train can take advantage of flights to work on the weather and put the theory into practice.

Did you know?

For the introductory flight, the pilot can take on board an adult or two children from 5-12. You can learn to fly from the age of 12 and take your licence at 15. There are in fact, 5 sorts of microlight: Powered paragliders – Microlight trikes – Multi-axis planes– Autogyro – Dirigibles. No medical certificates or licences are required for the introductory flights.

I want to try it !