Take a leap into sheer joy

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Are you ready to take the plunge into a world of sensations? Parachute jumping  offers a unique experience and immense pleasure. Leaping into the air, brushing the clouds and floating in the huge open sky: the few minutes you spend free falling, before you come back down under a sail are something you will never forget.

Parachute jumping is a unique experience. An activity where the adrenaline will be pumping, it is something that is invigorating.  Enthusiasts are taken up to an altitude of 3500 metres to soar through the air at more than 120 miles per hour. Wow!

Fresh air and an explosion of joy

I took advantage of the first touch of spring to book my flight above Brittany. As the plane rose in the sky, I took my first breath of oxygen. Suddenly, the doors opened and we were looking down at a layer of clouds. Ready, set, go ! I took a deep breath before jumping into an explosion of joy. After free falling for 45 seconds to reach 1500 metres above the ground, the instructor opened the huge parachute. For 4-5 minutes, I felt myself overwhelmed by emotions flooding through me before gently touching down.

Your first steps

The easiest way is to take a beginners’ session with an instructor. It all begins with a quarter of an hour preparation on the ground, so you get used to how you will jump out of the plane, how the flight will go and the sign language used during the free fall. Then, you clip on a harness, which will attach you to your instructor, who will be your partner during the jump.

Did you know?

One of the options is to leave with a film of your jump on a DVD. A third person will film you from the moment you go aboard the plane to your landing. A way to keep a record of this adventure that you’ll never tire of watching.

I want to try it !