The best way to fly…

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A wing, an engine and that’s all !  A paramotor is the easiest way to fly. It can take off and land anywhere. Economical, light weight, easy to fold away, taking up little space, it can be moved around easily to prepare for immediate take-off.  Once you try it, you’ll never want to stop… So are you going to give it a go ?

The major advantage of the paramotor is its simplicity.  After 10 to 15 training flights, you can take your microlight pilot’s licence (paramotor class). Without going as far as taking the test, you can try out a paramotor and you will certainly get the taste for flying like this. It is quite common to see people, who give it a try going on to sign up for a complete course.

If only Icarus had known…

Ever since I got interested in paramotors, in the morning my first reflex is look up in the sky and look at the weather. As often as I can, once work is over, I head for a bit of wasteland, where I can easily take off. And I’m off ! I’m flying ! Time then comes to a standstill.  It’s all very gentle, rather like being in weightlessness, I savour every moment. When you’re using a paramotor, flying is very smooth and relatively slow.  It’s as if we’ve moved to a different dimension… You have to try it to understand.

Your first steps

Anyone can try a paramotor and take their first flight. The pilot, who accompanies you on your maiden flight will give all you all the information you need. The seats for you and the pilot are fitted on a frame. The pilot inflates the sail, the frame starts to move and is lifted up and you take off. For your maiden flight, the principle will be the same. Once you have learnt the basic techniques, you can take off by yourself.

Did you know ?

After a maiden flight, if you are tempted by a training course, it will include a theoretical part (safety, aerology, technical details) then some practice. For your first flight, no medical certificate or licence is required.

I want to try it !