Adventure trails

Following in the footsteps of Indiana Jones

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Want to unearth the adventurer that lies hidden within you? The adventure trail, which involves an obstacle course will quench your thirst for excitement for a whole day. Ready for the off? On your marks, get set, go!

Guaranteed to be completely safe, and without any risks, the adventure trail is a fairly new activity. Getting back to nature in the heart of the forest or on rocky spots along the coast of Brittany, it offers sensations previously reserved for experts. Rope bridges and zip wires take visitors to the edge and beyond getting them to push themselves that bit further. 

A landscape of cables and ropes

So here I am hanging on a cable 15 metres up. All around me there are ropes, ladders and pulleys. Beneath me an abyss. To my right a cliff face. Ahead of me the famous stirrups, which I will have to put my feet into. I make it slowly but surely, in spite of the cables swaying. Exercise after exercise, I end up surprising myself by seeing how much I can do…

Your first steps

Before jumping right in, you’ll go through a beginners’ circuit with a monitor. In that way you’ll get to grips with the obstacles and traps that lie ahead of you. Reassured by the double harness and karabiner snaps that ensure you are safe, you can engage in a real adventure.

Did you know?

An adventure trail usually takes 2-3 hours and is a wonderful activity for the family with children from the age of seven or eight or with friends. Open to everyone, it’s a great way to spend a day in the country and grab some fresh air.

I want to try it !