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Pleasure at the wheel

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Have you dreamt of being at the wheel of a legendary racing car? You feel like accelerating, braking, skidding and zooming away like the world’s top drivers? Wait no more.  Head down to the track at the Car Museum in Lohéac.

Ferraris, Porsches, Lamborghinis, and Funyo prototypes… For all those who get excited at the mere mention of these names, driving schools offer various courses and options to enable you to learn how to drive these exceptional vehicles.  

At the wheel of a Porsche Cayman

Alongside the instructor, I got into my Porsche Cayman. From the outset, I enjoyed the amazing acceleration and the way the car braked. I was able to try rounding corners and skid control. On the long straight stretch in this 1.5 mile circuit, I played around with the gears: you could hear the engine roar. And the adrenaline was coursing through my veins!

Your first steps

To drive the car of your dreams, you need a driving licence. Your adventure will begin with a theoretical briefing, which will enable you to tackle the driving serenely. Then, you’ll learn the basic driving techniques: the position for driving, how to handle the wheel, find the right trajectory, use the centrifugal force, accelerate and how to overtake… As soon as you get to grips with steering this exceptional car, you can head for the race track. Enjoy it.  You’re not going to lose your licence for speeding!

Did you know?

Since 1976, the village of Lohéac has been dedicated to the passion for cars. Apart from the asphalt track, you must not miss the museum, which hosts a collection of 300 cars. A fine way to begin or continue your voyage in this 4-wheel paradise.

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