Climbing becomes a second nature

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Get out the karabiners and climb ! Climbing offers a wide range of amazing sensations: it’s a unique way to get close to nature, there is the pleasure of going up and the satisfaction of finding your way around the rock face.

Anyone can climb

Climbing is a sport that anyone can do. It involves lifting yourself up on a rock face just using your hands and feet. Simple techniques secure you in place to avoid falls and make climbing safe. There are so many possible movements that everyone can find a route suiting their ability and climb at their own pace. This wealth of possibilities means this sport is one where you can develop your skills.

Moving on up

To try this activity, I began with an introductory session in one of the many clubs in the region, which gave me the basic ideas about climbing a vertical face. You have to analyse the situation, find your balance, transfer your weight: my body soon felt at one with the rock face. Very soon I really felt that I was going up in the world… in both senses of the expression.

Your first steps

Accompanied by an instructor, you will be equipped with a harness, climbing shoes, a helmet and karabiners. At the bottom of a cliff, you start to enjoy the movements in this sport, where you can learn to push yourself. Climbing offers you the feeling, which is almost sensual of moving through space and sliding along the rock face. After a few sessions on the easier climbs, climbing will come to you quite naturally. You will then be able to move around between the ground and the sky and maybe even the sea.

Did you know?

In Brittany, climbing is considered as a sporting activity and there are many ways to do it. You will surprise yourself by climbing trees or rock faces offering some exceptional views out over the sea.

I want to try it !