Horses, step by step…

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Imagine galloping along the water’s edge feeling at one with your horse… The riding schools in Brittany will help you fulfil this dream and you’ll certainly want to go one step further. Horse-riding is something you learn and the pleasure comes to you step by step.

Who has not dreamt of galloping on a deserted beach, greeting the sun as it rises in the sky? Away from the noise and hubbub of the city, you will feel at one with your horse: a feeling of power and freedom will overwhelm you. Brittany is a magnificent region, which is wild and full of contrasts.  Discovering the joys of riding here is truly amazing.

Listen and watch

When I arrived at the horse-riding centre, I immediately enjoyed dealing with the horse that I was given. Once in the saddle, I felt at ease. Being able to feel every movement, I tried to understand her. It was great! I was amazed by her power but also about how docile she was when treated right. That’s when you start to feel both humble and strong, which is quite a unique experience... And to finish, it just felt so nice being a true rider.

Your first steps

It all starts with preparing the horse: brushing and fitting the saddle are part of the procedures it takes to get to know your animal and for the horse to get to know you. Then it depends on your level, but the instructor will choose an appropriate place to ride.  During this stroll, you’ll get to know your horse and a sort of complicity develops... and you can be certain that you’ll want to do it again. In Brittany, several riding schools offer walks on the beaches to beginners. So that you feel more and more confident in yourself, you can also ride around the arena at the school to train before taking to the bridleways.

A few tips

It’s worth finding someone who really helps you.  Do not get too far ahead of yourself.  Find a horse suited to your level and show respect. That is the message from the riding schools: let yourself be guided by their advice.

I want to try it !