Enjoy all the thrills in complete safety

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A fun, sports activity, karting remains just as popular as ever as a form of car racing.  If you love speed and are looking for new sensations, this sport is just for you. Put on your helmet, get into the seat … and you’re off to roar around the track.

A way to get into car racing, but also a sport in its own right with its champions and enthusiasts, karting is one of the most accessible and least expensive motor sports.  That’s why it is so popular.

Go Fangio!

During my first session when I tried this with some friends, I was surprised to see how easy it was to handle this little machine. Today’s karts are particularly well equipped, with a lot of protection and reinforced plates to enable you to drive safely and you really get the impression of speed, because you are driving so close to the ground. There’s no doubt about it with form of this car racing, becoming an ace at the wheel is child’s play. After a few laps, I couldn’t stop thinking about my times.

Your first steps

Before heading for the track, which will remind you of the top race circuits, the background sounds and the atmosphere in the paddock will make you think you are in the F1 world. Then, you make your way to the changing rooms to put on a jumpsuit, a full helmet, a balaclava and a pair of gloves. After a run-through of the safety procedures, once down on the track, as a beginner you will stick to the right hand side, so that other drivers can overtake. But in no time at all, you’ll be surprised about how you take the corners, find the right trajectory and improve your lap time.

Did you know?

Karting as a fun activity is the easiest way to get started as you don’t need a licence or any equipment. Most of the time, the models you find are 4-stroke engines with 7-9 hp.

I want to try it !