Mountain biking


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Great fun and good exercise, mountain-biking is an ideal way to discover natural sites. Some mountain bikers try to push themselves to go beyond their physical and technical limits, while others ride simply for pleasure and to enjoy an activity that is synonymous with freedom. 

From small forest trails to winding tracks along the shoreline, Brittany has many signposted paths and you just need to look for a type of terrain that will suit you.  Mountain-biking does not require any particular physical skills, but like all mechanical sports, to fully appreciate it, it’s better to get some good advice and experience.

Finding the right trail for you

During our last mountain biking excursion with the family, we went along to one of the mountain-biking centres in Brittany. As soon as we arrived, we found all the services we needed.  A bike hire service for me, a beginners’ session for our youngest kid and a map indicating the centre’s signposted trails. With the advice of a guide, we had a really great outing.

Your first steps

In Brittany, many centres propose mountain biking outings and assistance. To ensure that your excursion or short trip are enjoyable, ask the experts for advice. It is important to adapt the length of the outing and the difficulty of the trail to your physical and technical ability. As for the equipment, the choice is so varied that once again, it’s a good idea to get some good advice.

Did you know?

Mountain-biking centres based on the model of ski centres were invented in Brittany. These centres offer 120 miles of trails for each level as well as a host of services, giving advice and instruction o to enable mountain-biking to be carried out safely.

To carry out mountain-biking as a leisure activity, you do not require any medical certificates or licences.

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