Canoeing and kayaking

A wide range of activities with enjoyment being the watchword

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Very different and complementary activities, canoeing and kayaking can be carried out on various waters: calm water, on the sea or in white waters. In Brittany, there are many centres ready to welcome you, whether you wish to relax on the water, discover a varied shoreline or take up the challenge of rivers that are well known for never slowing down.

Canoes and kayaks are very similar types of boat, but there is a clear distinction: with a double paddle and the way you sit, kayaking requires more of a physical effort.

Relax on the river

I started out with a short trip on calm waters along a Breton river to ease myself into the activity. This expedition down on the water enabled me to get away from city life and allowed me to feel completely relaxed, in particular, as you don’t need any particular physical ability.

Discovering the shoreline in a sea kayak

Once I’d eased into the activity, it was time for sea kayaking. This is an ideal way to discover the coast of Brittany. I paddled at my own pace and enjoyed gliding along silently alongside the rocks and creeks. I ended the session pleased to have discovered a fun activity, which is within everyone’s ability.

The excitement of white waters

By then, I was much more at ease and tried my hand at white water kayaking, which is the most physically demanding of these activities. I got into my boat and paddled along under a little bridge and could already hear the water racing further ahead. I went down the rapids and ended up rather wet, but really wanted to get back out there again.

Your first steps 

Whichever activity you choose, a state qualified instructor will fit you out and teach you to paddle and get your balance right. You will feel totally safe and will soon feel at ease. A bit of advice: before tackling white waters, learn the basic techniques of kayaking on calm waters or at sea.

Did you know?

Kayak-polo is a team sport, where two teams of five kayakers do battle on the water with a ball with the aim of scoring as many goals as possible.

I want to try it !