Catamarans and dinghies

On one or two hulls

Picture 1 Catamarans and dinghies Picture 2 Catamarans and dinghies Picture 3 Catamarans and dinghies Picture 4 Catamarans and dinghies Picture 5 Catamarans and dinghies Picture 6 Catamarans and dinghies Picture 7 Catamarans and dinghies Picture 8 Catamarans and dinghies

Here are two activities, which appear to be similar, but which offer very different sensations. Catamarans will delight those who enjoy surfing along at high speed, while dinghies are more for those, who like to find the right settings. On one or two hulls, there is therefore something for everyone.

I just couldn’t make up my mind whether to go for a catamaran or a dinghy, so I decided to try both. The Breton water sports centres offer a wide range of services: training sessions, private lessons, boat hire and “raids”.

Two complementary activities

 I began with the catamaran, which is more stable, as they have two hulls. The weather was fine and the sea flat calm, so they were ideal conditions for a beginner. After a briefing ashore, I was able to set off with my fellow crewman. The speed is instant and you very quickly feel relaxed.
 After those first steps aboard a catamaran, I moved over to the dinghy.  I soon understood that everything I did influenced the boat’s stability. The key was keeping everything stable. This requires precision to avoid touching the water. But it was very enjoyable. The more lessons I had, the more I gained in confidence.

Your first steps

 Which ever boat you choose, you will be given the basic principles to allow you to sail safely. After putting on your wetsuit and life jacket, you will start to sail and learn how to turn your catamaran around. Then, you will work on various settings to ensure you sail efficiently. By the end of the first day, you will be sailing out there on the water in a zone chosen by the instructor. In a dinghy, your lessons will be similar, but you may get a little wetter. Once you have mastered the basic techniques, you will have learnt the principles to be able to sail on all types of boat. One piece of advice: try both of them.

Did you know?

 Almost all of the sailing schools in Brittany offer classes on Optimists, the famous little cockleshells, which are ideal for youngsters.

I want to try it !