One small dive, a giant leap out of this world

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Want to get away from it all and discover the underwater world? Diving is just for you. Particularly as the wealth of animal and plant life in Brittany will amaze you. Time to strap on the oxygen bottles.

Pinch your nose to decompress and above all breathe normally to get the right amount of oxygen. Taking a first dive is the ideal way to discover the marvels of the underwater world. It gives you a taste and whets your appetite for some new sensations, where you’ll feel like you’re floating weightlessly…

An ocean of discoveries

My first underwater adventure began with a short dive to reveal the delights of the ecosystem living on the shoreline just a few strokes from the rocks.  This excursion lasted twenty minutes and it all seemed to be over much too quickly. Anemones, all sorts of seaweed, wrasse, crabs, shrimps and lobsters (I did see them!) displaying a variety of bright colours in an incredibly silent world…

Your first steps

During your first dive, a qualified instructor will explain the basic rules about this activity, the use of hand gestures and how to breathe underwater. After a few flaps of the flippers, you’ll test your regulator, which allows you to breath under the water. This will allay any fears you may have, before you leap into the water to explore.

Did you know?

For your first dive (from the age of 8 upwards) you do not require any medical certificates. At a depth of five metres in the company of your monitor, you’ll be less than 3 seconds from the surface. So there is no danger at all.

I want to try it !