Paddle board

Walk on the water…

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This is an ingenious development that has developed from surfing: standing up or kneeling down, it is with the help of a paddle that you move around on the board.  It becomes easier to surf and more comfortable too… It just requires 6-inch high waves and you can feel all the thrills of surfing along. On calm seas, along the shoreline, alone or in a group, the paddle-boarder gets to walk on the water…

A paddle board is long and stable and allows you to do a wide range of activities. Take a trip along the clear waters of a creek, surf on the ocean swell or splash around in the choppy waters.  Anyone can enjoy this activity, which recently appeared on our beaches in Brittany. Very quickly, beginners, who have not surfed or gone windsurfing, are able to stand up, manoeuvre around and maintain their balance. After just one or two sessions out on the calm water, they are on their way.

A stable paddle board

What a discovery! Today the sea was a millpond, with no wind and we just didn’t want to stick around on the beach… The local surf-shop hired out paddle boards, so we gave it a try! As the children were with us, we thought we’d stick close to shore and try to surf a little.  Very quickly, we were going in and out. We ended up doing a fabulous trip along the coast. Absolutely marvellous!

Your first steps

Are you tempted? Pop along to one of the surfing clubs or surf shops: they can give you some advice and tell you where you can hire a paddle board. Maybe they even do it themselves. For your first steps on the water, choose a calm sea and a day without wind. First of all, you’ll learn how to find your balance, but very soon, you’ll be on your way enjoying yourself and going that bit further. You don’t need any special equipment, except maybe a wetsuit depending on the weather conditions.

Did you know?

If you’re a beginner, get some advice on choosing the right board and place to begin. No medical certificates are required.

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