Sand yachting

A simple pleasure with instant thrills

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Speeding along without any engine on wide open spaces… A quarter of an hour or so to learn the basics and you already feel the thrills and have a lot of fun.  If you’re aged between 8 and 78, sand yachting is just for you. To fully appreciate it, try a few sessions: in Brittany, 26 centres are ready to welcome you.

Three wheels, a sail and a “hull” for the pilot: it’s all very simple and safe. In ten to fifteen minutes, the beginner can grasp the basics, and can turn, stop and accelerate… while really having a lot of fun. No need for any particular physical strength, as sand yachting is an activity everyone can enjoy.  It can be done throughout the year, although you may need to put on another pullover in the winter.

Throughout the year 

I love the beach and the sea and this winter, I wanted to feel the thrills of speeding along in the wind… Sand yachting? Yes, but surely it’s physically demanding? No! Not at all, an expert told me. So I gave it a go and I’m really glad I did. It only takes a few minutes to get the hang of it. My ten-year old son got to terms with it before I did! Down on the beach, you set off with a smile on your face and enjoy every little second. You hear the wind whistling and you forget about everything else.  A little gust and you really take off.  All you have to do is ease out the sail… and off you go again.

Your first steps

During your first two-hour session, you will have one hour of teaching and then one hour out on the sand. The club supplies the helmet and wetsuit, if required, and some give you goggles and gloves. No medical certificates are needed. After five introductory sessions, you can go it alone.

Did you know ?

In Brittany, sand yachting is also an excellent way to observe marine birds, as you can move around silently on the edge of the dunes and rocks: the perfect way to find the best spots to enjoy seeing all the animals and plants along our beautiful shoreline.

I want to try it !