Catch a wave…

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Surfing is something anyone can do as a beach activity. It helps develop your physical abilities and you will soon discover talents you didn’t know you had. As you progress, you will find you can really enjoy life on the ocean waves and the incomparable, thrilling experience of freedom out on the water.

Everyone understands the basic concept of surfing: you stand up on a board and are carried along by a wave. While the theory is simple, it does nevertheless take a little practice.  If you are a beginner, you can find many schools and ideal locations all around the coast of Brittany.

Little equipment, a lot of fun

What really struck me during my introductory class was just how easy it is to do this sport. All you need is a wetsuit, a board and a leash to tie yourself to the board. You do your first exercises while ashore to get used to the equipment. Then, there is that moment you have been waiting for, when you can take to the water. I soon managed to stand up and start surfing along the waves close to the beach. From that moment on, each new lesson enables you to advance and the fun never stops…

Your first steps

The first thing you will need to do is observe and analyse the waves. Then, you’ll get to know the equipment that is made available to you. On the sand, they’ll tell you where to be on the board and how to balance yourself as you stand up. Then, you can have a go on your first waves while remaining on your stomach. After that, there is that great moment on your first day when you manage to stand up on the board and enjoy your first surf. Pretty soon, you’ll start to feel a bit tired, but the excitement of that moment will never leave you. You have become a surfer.

Did you know ?

There are many different activities that have developed out of surfing, which can offer fun and pleasure to people of all ages. Among them, there is the longboard, which offers the same thrills as surfing, but on a longer board, which offers greater stability.

I want to try it !