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Wakeboarding or how to discover a thrilling sport in just a few minutes... Fun and freedom are the key elements of this sport, which is easy to do and is bound to offer thrills to those looking for excitement. So why not give it a go? Particularly seeing the locations in Brittany are ideal for beginners and experts alike.

You like to feel the adrenaline pumping and want to learn quickly? Wakeboarding is just for you.  A crossover sport, it is to water skiing, what snowboarding is to skiing. The principle is to get towed along by a boat and surf standing up on a board, where there are two bindings to hold your feet in place.

Quick learning

Although relatively easy, learning how to ride a wakeboard requires the help of an instructor and the necessary equipment. That is why I went along to one of the schools in Brittany that offer lessons.  Like most novices, I managed to climb out of the water during my first lesson. In the following classes, I was able to try out some moves and made very quick progress. It was all carried out in a very friendly atmosphere and those present in the boat offered me their encouragement.

Your first steps

While ashore, the instructor will explain how to stand up and what position to adopt on the boat once you are up. Then it will be time for you to be pulled along and you will experience the first thrills of surfing. You’ll then learn how to turn and play with the wake formed by the boat. Those, who are really keen, may want to try their hand at wake-skating, one of the more fashionable activities at the moment. The principle is the same, except that there are no bindings on the board.  But rest assured, a special anti-slip coating means you can still keep your balance.

Did you know?

It was in 1985 that the surfer Tony Finn came up with the “Skurfer,” the first board that was a cross between a water ski and a surfboard. The term “Wakeboard" only appeared in 1990.

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