Water skiing

The pleasure of skiing on the water

Picture 1 Water skiing Picture 2 Water skiing

Water skiing for fun developed considerably during the eighties. Today, this physical sport is no longer reserved exclusively for competitors. Beginners and young children can take their first steps in total safety and enjoy the pleasure of skiing on the water…

Skiing with two skis is the easiest way for beginners to attempt the sport.  This is carried out on two skis which are attached to the feet with flexible straps, but which also have a fin, offering greater stability and making it easier to turn.


Water skiing is carried out in 10 to 15 minute sessions at a speed of around 37-43 mph. It develops muscle strength, a sense of coordination and concentration. To go through the waves, the legs must remain flexible, while the back, abdominal muscles and arms must remain taut. The whole body comes into play to carry out this physical sport.

Your first steps

Lying in the water, legs folded up with knees up towards the chest, you wait for the go signal as the tension and excitement builds. Suddenly the boat starts to move. Arms, shoulders and legs stretch out: you then come out of the water and have to keep your balance. You have to use your muscles to compensate for the pressure of the water and the pull of the boat. It’s quite simply exhilarating and invigorating.

Did you know?

Water skiing is carried out on natural or artificial areas. It requires a motor boat. There are various types of water skiing: you can do it with two skis or one, on your knees on a board or in your bare feet.

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