Wave ski

Halfway between surfing and kayaking

Picture 1 Wave ski Picture 2 Wave ski

Imagine sitting on a board right down on the surface of water and getting pushed along by a wave … It’s fun and something everyone can do.  Wave ski offers all the excitement of an extreme sport and the pleasure of being in contact with the sea. Halfway between surfing and kayaking, this activity deserves to be more well-known.  So why not give it a try in Brittany ?

I really wanted to find out more about this relatively unknown activity. I had no hesitation in giving it a go and I certainly don’t have any regrets ! But what in fact is a wave ski ? Quite simply, you sit on a thick surfboard and move around with a paddle like a kayaker. A belt around your waist enables you to keep your balance and your feet are buckled in.

Thrills and freedom of movement

The first thing that should be stressed is that wave ski is something anyone can do. People of all ages sign up for the introductory classes, which I attended. After a few attempts, I found I really enjoyed being swept along by the waves. I was surprised by how easy it was to move around and how fast you can go. Once you have surfed the wave, a few strokes with the paddle and you can hop back on another one. By the end of my first two-hour session I was able to surf. And now I’m hooked…

Your first steps

Before going into the water, you need to observe the waves and get to understand them. The instructor will offer you advice about where exactly to sit on the board and how to tackle the waves. Then, you will learn how to paddle and ensure your balance. You’ll very quickly get the hang of it : you’ll be out there surfing in no time and by your second class you’ll be turning on the waves. At the end of each session, you’ll be in a hurry to get back out there again.

Did you know ?

Wave-ski originated in Australia, when it was used by surf lifesavers to go out to rescue surfers in difficulty.

I want to try it !