A classic that never goes out of fashion

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Windsurfing has lost none of its attraction. This healthy, friendly sport offering direct contact with nature is attracting more and more people. To learn how to do it quickly and efficiently, why not grab some advice from qualified instructors. What better place to do that than at one of the water sports centres in Brittany.

Not that complicated

 So, windsurfing looks difficult, does it? In fact, it’s nowhere near as hard as it looks.  To make it easy for the beginner to keep his balance, the floats are wider and the size of the sails varies according to the height of the person and the strength of the wind. Personally, I started out with a wide board and a small sail, a combination offering greater stability. It took just a few sessions and I was on my way.  My goal was to be able to do it completely alone in order to sail with my own equipment.

Brittany, a windsurfer’s paradise

 The locations in Brittany are among the best in France. Beautiful landscapes, a large variety of sites and conditions... All the ingredients come together to enable novices to take their first steps and for enthusiasts to improve. Most of the water sports centres in Brittany offer classes, individual lessons and hire out equipment.

Your first steps

 To begin, you need to find your balance standing up on the board. On your first day you will learn how to lift the sail and start surfing along. Then, you will find out how to turn around. With the help of your instructor and the appropriate gear (wet suits keep you warm and are comfortable), you will be perfectly safe. Although you may feel tired after your first sessions, that will soon disappear once you’ve had an enjoyable evening with your friends or family.

Did you know?
 Windsurfing, which developed back in the seventies, became an Olympic sport in 1984. Since then, Brittany has produced two French gold medallists.

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