The top spots

  • clarte ploumanach

    La Clarté Ploumanac’h

    The Ploumanac'h moorland, a conservation area protected by the coastal environmental protection agency, borders the famous pink granite coast with ...

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  • VTT dans les Monts d'Arrée

    The Monts d’Arrée

    The Monts d’Arrée are the highest mountains in Brittany and are located in the heart of the department of Finistère. Their outstanding feature is ...

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  • Plage du Val andré

    Le Val André beaches

    Authentic and really wild… on the beaches around Le Val André, it’s rather like being taken back to another era. In the heart of Celtic country, ...

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  • menez hom ecole vol libre menez hom


    From its 330 metre high peak, the Menez-Hom, on the Crozon Peninsula overlooks Brest and Douarnenez Bay. This final hill in the Black Mountain ...

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  • Quiberon

    Quiberon Peninsula

    Located in Morbihan, the Quiberon Peninsula is an ideal place for water sports. Kitesurfing, surfing, windsurfing... there is something for ...

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  • Lochrist

    Lochrist, white water river

    In the Lorient region in the heart of Southern Brittany in Morbihan, all sorts of kayaking is carried out: on the sea, on calm waters and in the ...

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