La Clarté Ploumanac’h

An underwater Garden of Eden

Picture 1 La Clarté Ploumanac’h

The Ploumanac'h moorland, a conservation area protected by the coastal environmental protection agency, borders the famous pink granite coast with its remarkable landscape. Here, the land and sea are strewn with rocks with unusual shapes due to the effect of the wind and sea over thousands of years.

They make up an oasis of beauty that can be discovered by strolling along the custom officers’ paths, or by diving to some exceptional underwater sites. At la Clarté, you can see the whole of Ploumanac’h Bay, with the Seven Islands, and the familiar silhouettes of the Triagoz and Men-Ruz lighthouses. It is also the starting point for dives taking you down to a depth of 0 to 30 metres, with plenty of surprises to discover. As you make your way around the rocks, you’ll come across sea fans and kelp…: the waters of this underwater paradise are full of delights to please both beginners and experienced divers, who never tire of exploring these exceptional depths.