La Torche

A paradise for board sports

Picture 1 La Torche Picture 2 La Torche Picture 3 La Torche Picture 4 La Torche

Located in the area of Plomeur, in Audierne Bay, the La Torche headland is internationally renowned for board sports.  Classed as a protected natural site, it offers some incredible landscapes and panoramic views.

It is not by chance that La Torche Point hosts a number of national and international events.  The layout of the area makes it ideal for board sports. The swell rolls in from various angles and there are many alternative spots in the area, so that it is one of the top surfing sites in Brittany. It’s very windy and is perfect too for those who enjoy windsurfing and kitesurfing. Finally, it offers a long stretch of sand where sand yachting can be carried out. But you don’t need to take part in these activities yourself to enjoy this spot with all its charms. The ocean, dunes, grassland… This natural protected site allows you to discover a range of landscapes and some breathtaking panoramic views.