Lochrist, white water river

Thrills on the water in a peaceful, green environment

Picture 1 Lochrist, white water river

In the Lorient region in the heart of Southern Brittany in Morbihan, all sorts of kayaking is carried out: on the sea, on calm waters and in the white waters at the centre in Lochrist.

Built on the island of Locastel with blocks of rock coming from the river bed and from the buildings that formed the Hennebont forges, this basin offers the thrills and excitement of white waters for 250 metres in a setting dominated by nature. Just a stone’s throw from the calm waters of the Blavet, the region’s second biggest river, it is a way to enter the world of sea sports, where you can enjoy yourself and experience those thrills.
With an environment that is perfect for hiking and walks, the Lochrist basin hosts an annual event, the Ouest-France-EDF 24 hour kayaking, which on the first weekend of June, brings together 850 competitors and 10,000 spectators for a major celebration of the spirit of sport, relaxation and pleasure on the water.