A trampoline taking you out over the ocean

Picture 1 Ménez-Hom Picture 2 Ménez-Hom

From its 330 metre high peak, the Menez-Hom, on the Crozon Peninsula overlooks Brest and Douarnenez Bay. This final hill in the Black Mountain chain (Montagnes Noires) is a spot that is well-known throughout France for hang gliding.

The perfectly rounded nature of the site makes it perfect for paragliding, wherever the wind is blowing from. “Depending on the conditions, you can also take off from the nearby cliffs,” added Loïc Ollivier, paragliding instructor. There are gentle slopes to allow you to learn and steep cliffs to allow you to fly over the sea.  Menez-Hom allows you to see all the facets of paragliding.

Depending on the direction of the wind, paragliders take off from Petit Menez or from the main peak. But whatever the strength of the wind, from the top of Menez-Hom reached by a footpath, the panoramic view is quite simply exceptional with the ocean on one side and the Monts d’Arrée hills on the other…

Menez-Hom is also a spot that attracts model airplane and gliding enthusiasts.