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Mont Dol, right next to Dol de Bretagne is a mound reaching 65 metres above sea level and surprises the visitor in the way it dominates the surrounding environment.

“From the top of this isolated mound, you can look out over the sea and the marshes and spot the will o’ the wisp,” wrote Chateaubriand, one of the people, who fell in love with this granite mass. Mont Dol, is a site steeped in history, and is an excellent place for climbers, from beginners to the more experienced.
Two former granite quarries are located on the southern face, while on the western face, there are faces of various heights with good quality rock, which is known for drying very quickly. With a hundred different ways up (through the Arboretum, the Canyon, the Petit Cirque…), Mont Dol offers a unique experience to allow people to learn as they climb in a region where Celtic legends can be discovered. At its peak, there is a magnificent view northwards stretching out to that other famous cousin: Mont-Saint-Michel.