• Ecole de Surf de Bretagne Audierne Pointe du Raz - Brittany

    Ecole de Surf de Bretagne Audierne Pointe du Raz

    Quai Anatole France
    29770 Audierne
    Phone : 02 98 10 14 58

    With the pointe du Raz on one side and the pointe du Van on the other: this school welcomes you in an authentic setting, which is ideal for learning how to surf.

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  • Pôle Nautique Sud Goëlo - Base de Binic - Brittany

    Pôle Nautique Sud Goëlo - Base de Binic

    Quai de l'Aber Wrac'h
    22520 Binic-Étables-sur-Mer
    Phone : 02 96 73 38 45

    In Binic, in a charming setting that offers safe conditions, come and enjoy kayaking, windsurfing, dinghy and catamaran sailing.

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  • Société des Régates de Brest - Brittany

    Société des Régates de Brest

    Port du Moulin Blanc
    29200 Brest
    Phone : 02 98 02 53 36

    Since 1847, the Brest Yacht Club (Société des Régates de Brest) has been the club of champions and youngsters who can discover sailing during the holidays. The aim of this club has always been to make sailing available to everyone.

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  • Spot Nautique de Cancale - Brittany

    Spot Nautique de Cancale

    Plage de Port Mer
    35260 Cancale
    Phone : 02 99 89 90 22

    With equipment hire and traditional instruction, Cancale Point Passion Beach Centre and the Port Mer Sailing School offer original outings. Climb aboard an old sailing vessel and enjoy a feast or choose a racing catamaran.

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  • Brise et Voiles - Brittany

    Brise et Voiles

    Impasse des Mâts
    Route de Pénerf
    56750 Damgan
    Phone : 02 97 41 10 62

    The philosophy of Brise et Voiles is to make sailing available to everyone. This sailing school combines teaching and hire for beginners, who wish to start out and for more advanced sailors. Everything is done with a smile, in a friendly atmosphere and with the team available for you.

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  • Spot Nautique d'Audierne Esquibien - Brittany

    Spot Nautique d'Audierne Esquibien

    Plage de Saint Evette
    29770 Esquibien
    Cell : 06 81 89 78 83
    Fax : 02 98 70 15 49

    Located to the south of the tip of Brittany, Audierne Esquibien Point Passion Beach Centre invites you to come and enjoy all sorts of water sports: from dinghy and catamaran sailing to windsurfing.

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  • Get Up Stand Up - Brittany

    Get Up Stand Up

    Pointe de Mousterlin
    29170 Fouesnant
    Cell :

    Get Up Stand Up welcomes you from mid-June through to mid-September at Mousterlin Point in Fouesnant. Here you can discover the coastal environment, or the River Odet on a stand up paddle or by kayak.

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  • Jeunesse et Marine - Brittany

    Jeunesse et Marine

    Pointe du Mounien
    Chemin de Penhers
    56840 Ile-d'Arz
    Phone : 02 97 44 31 23
    Fax : 02 97 26 37 42

    With fifty years of experience in the Gulf of Morbihan islands, Jeunesse et Marine is a school of life as much as a sailing school for the youngsters, who come here each summer.

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  • Station Sports Nature de Jugon-Les-Lacs - Brittany

    Station Sports Nature de Jugon-Les-Lacs

    Le Bocage
    22270 Jugon-les-Lacs
    Phone : 02 96 31 67 04

    Sailing, canoeing, rowing, mountain biking, archery… Out on the water or on the shore, the big lake at Jugon-les-Lacs in the Côtes d’Armor invites you to try something new without having to worry about being out at sea.

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  • ULM Club la Paimpolaise - Brittany

    ULM Club la Paimpolaise

    Impasse Clément Ader
    22500 Kerfot
    Phone : 02 96 20 85 33
    Fax : 02 96 20 91 18

    Since 1981, La Paimpolaise Microlight Club has been enabling others to discover the pleasures of microlight flying. That is their goal after all “Sharing our passion for flying,” explained Philippe Meriglier, instructor and president of this club.

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  • Canoë-kayak club Plancoët - Brittany

    Canoë-kayak club Plancoët

    Allée des Vergers
    22130 Plancoët
    Phone : 02 96 84 16 12

    In Côtes d’Armor, the Plancoët Canoe-Kayak club operates from two different locations: one on the river at Plancoët, and the other by the sea at Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer. That way you can get a taste of both environments and take advantage of the wide choice of trips on offer.

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  • Centre équestre le Trèfle - Brittany

    Centre équestre le Trèfle

    Lespern route de treguennec
    29720 Ploneour Lanvern
    Phone : 02 98 87 78 41

    To the west of Quimper, near Penmarc’h, Le Trèfle Riding Centre, identifies top class competitors, and invites you to ride around the coast.

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  • Plougrescant kayak de mer - Brittany

    Plougrescant kayak de mer

    Base Jacques Droniou
    Beg Ar Vilin
    22820 Plougrescant
    Phone : 02 96 91 51 48

    Part of La Roche Derrien Canoë-Kayak club, the sea kayaking centre in Plougrescant organises sea kayaking trips around the Isle of Er archipelago. The plus points of this centre: discovery, adaptability and mobility.

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  • Centre Nautique de Port-Louis - Sellor Nautisme - Brittany

    Centre Nautique de Port-Louis - Sellor Nautisme

    Quai de la Pointe
    56920 Port-Louis
    Phone : 02 97 82 18 60
    Fax : 02 97 33 73 73

    As well as the usual range of services - five day courses, equipment hire, individual tuition - Port Louis – Sellor Nautisme water sports centre offers two original packages to suit your needs: 'New Sail' and an 'Annual Pass'.

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  • West Gliss - Brittany

    West Gliss

    Chemin des Dunes
    Plage de Pentrez
    29550 Saint-Nic
    Cell : 06 65 26 25 76

    In the south of the Crozon Peninsula, West Gliss runs kite-surfing courses and trips on an inflatable towed by a motor-boat. Laughs guaranteed!

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