• Ecole de Surf de Bretagne Audierne Pointe du Raz - Brittany

    Ecole de Surf de Bretagne Audierne Pointe du Raz

    Quai Anatole France
    29770 Audierne
    Phone : 02 98 10 14 58

    With the pointe du Raz on one side and the pointe du Van on the other: this school welcomes you in an authentic setting, which is ideal for learning how to surf.

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  • Eau Libre - Brittany

    Eau Libre

    Piscine de Scubaland
    29 rue Amiral Troude
    29200 Brest
    Cell : 06 09 10 01 45

    Based in the commercial harbour in Brest, the Eau Libre Diving Club offers one of the widest ranges of activities in Brittany. They have their own pool and all types of sub aqua sports are possible, from beginners’ sessions to the awarding of professional qualifications.

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  • UCPA Bénodet - Brittany

    UCPA Bénodet

    Le Letty
    29950 Bénodet
    Phone : 02 98 57 03 26
    Fax : 02 98 57 19 25

    In South Finistère, the Bénodet UCPA welcomes you to the banks of a magnificent lagoon looking out on the Glénan Islands. Activities, accommodation, meals, everything is included.

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  • Au Gré du Vent - Brittany

    Au Gré du Vent

    Port de Plaisance
    56130 Camoël
    Phone : 02 99 90 56 91

    Outings by bike or boat, kayak trips on the sea or river…with Au gré du Vent's water sports centre you can enjoy a whole variety of enjoyable activities.

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  • Ecole de Surf & Rescue - Brittany

    Ecole de Surf & Rescue

    Plage de Kerhilio
    56410 Erdeven
    Cell : 06 83 81 12 07

    Quality teaching, personalised program, safe locations: the Surf and Rescue school, situated on the beach at Kerhillio in Erdeven (Morbihan), has all the ingredients to enable surfers to go it alone.

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  • Loisirs Temps Libre - Brittany

    Loisirs Temps Libre

    Le Patis
    56130 La Roche-Bernard
    Phone : 02 99 90 83 25
    Fax : 02 99 90 83 25

    Far from the crowded coast and away from the noise, situated in the heart of the country, Loisirs Temps Libre has made the banks of the Vilaine its playground.

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  • Evolution 2 Diving Center - Brittany

    Evolution 2 Diving Center

    8 A route de Carnac
    56470 La Trinité-sur-Mer
    Phone : 02 97 30 16 06
    Fax : 02 97 30 16 06

    At Made in Blue, in the harbour in La Trinité, the summer weeks go by with various themes on offer: on Thursdays, night dives; on Fridays, drift diving.

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  • Cercle Nautique de Loctudy - Brittany

    Cercle Nautique de Loctudy

    Boulevard de la Mer
    Plage de Langoz
    29750 Loctudy
    Phone : 02 98 87 42 84
    Fax : 02 98 87 99 16

    To the south of Quimper, the Loctudy water sports centre welcomes you on Langoz beach with one guiding principle: quality. The reception, monitoring, equipment... nothing is left to chance.

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  • Centre nautique de Moulin Mer - Brittany

    Centre nautique de Moulin Mer

    Route du Centre Nautique
    29460 Logonna-Daoulas
    Phone : 02 98 20 75 00
    Fax : 02 98 20 75 01

    Close to Brest in a 3 hectare wooded area down by the water, the Moulin Mer Centre offers many possibilities in facilities making sea sports available to all, which is a guiding principle at the centre.

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  • Bertheaume Iroise Aventure - Brittany

    Bertheaume Iroise Aventure

    Fort de Bertheaume
    29217 Plougonvelin
    Phone : 02 98 48 26 41

    In an exceptional natural location, discover the coastal adventure trail, which is unique in Brittany. In particular, you can enjoy a 200m long zip-line, 40 metres up in the air overlooking the Iroise Sea.

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  • Océan Sports et Bien-Etre - Brittany

    Océan Sports et Bien-Etre

    114 A route de Melon
    29840 Porspoder
    Cell : 06 26 96 37 19

    On the Porspoder beaches, Océan Sports & Bien-être will help you to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of sea wading, in complete safety.

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  • Centre nautique de Roscanvel

    Le Fortin du Port
    29570 Roscanvel
    Phone : 02 98 27 41 59

    Spaniards’ Point (pointe des Espagnols) dominates the entrance to Brest Roads and offers waters that are sheltered from the currents and strong westerlies. It is here that Roscanvel Sailing Club enables youngsters and adults to develop their skills.

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  • Face Ouest - Brittany

    Face Ouest

    1 route de keruguen
    29570 Roscanvel
    Phone : 02 98 27 44 76

    You don’t need mountains or canyons to be able to climb, jump in the water or slide down the rock faces. At Pen Hir Point, in an unspoilt protected site, Face Ouest invites you to come and try several circuits with climbing and canyoning on offer.

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  • Ecole de surf Mayana Surf - Brittany

    Ecole de surf Mayana Surf

    87-93 boulevard de Rochebonne
    35400 Saint-Malo
    Cell : 06 11 440 340

    Come and enjoy the pleasures of speeding along the huge sandy beach at le Sillon, which is ideal if you want to learn how to surf in safe conditions with an experienced instructor.

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  • Les Passagers du Vent - Brittany

    Les Passagers du Vent

    Avenue de Surcourf
    56510 Saint-Pierre-Quiberon
    Phone : 02 97 52 40 60
    Fax : 02 97 52 42 09

    Based in Penthièvre, on the beach that stretches out to the west coast of the Quiberon Peninsula, the Passagers du Vent School offers the ideal location for sand yachting.

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