• Société des Régates de Brest - Brittany

    Société des Régates de Brest

    Port du Moulin Blanc
    29200 Brest
    Phone : 02 98 02 53 36

    Since 1847, the Brest Yacht Club (Société des Régates de Brest) has been the club of champions and youngsters who can discover sailing during the holidays. The aim of this club has always been to make sailing available to everyone.

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  • Canoë kayak brestois - Brittany

    Canoë kayak brestois

    Port du Moulin Blanc
    29200 Brest
    Phone : 02 98 41 69 40

    The Brest Canoë Kayak club is a dynamic club that will give you the chance to explore Brest Harbour right up close, from the water itself. On the menu: year round club activities, group bookings and introductory courses.

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  • Flysurfinistere - Brittany


    50 rue des Mouettes
    Port de Plaisance
    29200 Brest
    Phone : 02 98 02 03 54

    Flysurfinistère invites you to try kitesurfing near Brest. The goal: make each student independent so they can quickly enjoy the pleasures of speed on the water.

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  • USAM Voile - Brittany

    USAM Voile

    Maison du Nautisme
    Centre Nautique du Moulin Blanc
    29200 Brest
    Phone : 02 98 02 36 73

    For over thirty years, the USAM has been giving beginners classes and advanced lessons to young and old. Based in Moulin Blanc Marina in Brest, near Océanopolis, this club stands out with its wide range of activities and options.

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  • Eau Libre - Brittany

    Eau Libre

    Piscine de Scubaland
    29 rue Amiral Troude
    29200 Brest
    Cell : 06 09 10 01 45

    Based in the commercial harbour in Brest, the Eau Libre Diving Club offers one of the widest ranges of activities in Brittany. They have their own pool and all types of sub aqua sports are possible, from beginners’ sessions to the awarding of professional qualifications.

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  • Les Crocodiles de L'Elorn - Brittany

    Les Crocodiles de L'Elorn

    Port de plaisance du Moulin Blanc
    29200 Brest
    Phone : 02 98 41 73 81
    Fax : 02 98 41 73 81

    The Crocodiles of the Elorn is a school that was frequented by several top windsurfers with in fact two Olympic gold medallists with Franck David and Faustine Merret. If you’re dreaming of reaching the top, welcome to the crocodiles.

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  • Centre Nautique du Relecq-Kerhuon - Brittany

    Centre Nautique du Relecq-Kerhuon

    Maison de la Mer
    Port du Passage
    29480 Le Relecq-Kerhuon
    Phone : 02 98 28 02 64
    Fax : 02 98 28 02 64

    At the mouth of the Elorn, Relecq-Kerhuon Water Sports centre offers courses for beginners and classes for children and teenagers wishing to improve their sailing skills.

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  • Pôle Nautique Sud Goëlo - Base de Binic - Brittany

    Pôle Nautique Sud Goëlo - Base de Binic

    Quai de l'Aber Wrac'h
    22520 Binic-Étables-sur-Mer
    Phone : 02 96 73 38 45

    In Binic, in a charming setting that offers safe conditions, come and enjoy kayaking, windsurfing, dinghy and catamaran sailing.

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  • Centre nautique de Roscanvel

    Le Fortin du Port
    29570 Roscanvel
    Phone : 02 98 27 41 59

    Spaniards’ Point (pointe des Espagnols) dominates the entrance to Brest Roads and offers waters that are sheltered from the currents and strong westerlies. It is here that Roscanvel Sailing Club enables youngsters and adults to develop their skills.

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  • Wakepark Advance Ride - Brittany

    Wakepark Advance Ride

    Lac de Ty Colo
    29290 Saint-Renan
    Cell : 06 43 07 63 57

    It is on Ty Colo Lake in Saint-Renan that the first water-ski tow centre in Brittany has been set up. From March to November, beginners and more advanced students can enjoy the pleasures of wakeboarding, just ten minutes from Brest.

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  • Accro Breizh Aventure - Brittany

    Accro Breizh Aventure

    29290 Saint-Renan
    Cell : 06 64 24 06 41

    In two exceptional sites in the Brest roads, Arbreizh has set up two adventure trails, which lead you upwards, which are fun and challenging and offer a very special experience.

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  • Centre Nautique Rostiviec Loperhet - Brittany

    Centre Nautique Rostiviec Loperhet

    Port de Rostiviec
    29470 Loperhet
    Phone : 02 98 07 06 64
    Fax : 02 98 07 06 64

    Nestling in the heart of Brest Roads, Rostiviec-Loperhet water sports centre invites you to discover the unimaginable riches of these waters steeped in history.

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  • Camaret Croisière - Brittany

    Camaret Croisière

    Port de Camaret
    29570 Camaret-sur-Mer
    Cell : 06 23 16 34 70

    Got a yen for sailing? Step aboard Camaret Croisières's racing yacht and discover the thrills of sports yachting or the more relaxed fun of a cruise with your family.

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  • Club Léo Lagrange - Brittany

    Club Léo Lagrange

    2 rue du Stade
    BP 13
    29570 Camaret-sur-Mer
    Phone : 02 98 27 90 49
    Fax : 02 98 27 86 76

    On the Crozon Peninsula, the Club Léo Lagrange invites you to dive, sail and surf thanks to the various offers, in particular one where you can stay and carry out water sports while learning a language.

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  • Ecole de surf Moby Dick - Brittany

    Ecole de surf Moby Dick

    Port de Camaret
    29570 Camaret-sur-Mer
    Cell : 06 28 35 16 92

    Setting off from Camaret-sur-Mer, the experienced and qualified instructors at Moby Dick enable you to enjoy this sport in some magnificent locations. And they will adapt to your needs: they are available when you are.

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