• ULM Club la Paimpolaise - Brittany

    ULM Club la Paimpolaise

    Impasse Clément Ader
    22500 Kerfot
    Phone : 02 96 20 85 33
    Fax : 02 96 20 91 18

    Since 1981, La Paimpolaise Microlight Club has been enabling others to discover the pleasures of microlight flying. That is their goal after all “Sharing our passion for flying,” explained Philippe Meriglier, instructor and president of this club.

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  • Centre Nautique de Bréhec - Brittany

    Centre Nautique de Bréhec

    58 route de la Corniche
    22580 Plouha
    Phone : 02 96 22 62 66

    In the Plouha district in the Côtes-d’Armor, the Goëlo Argoat water sports centre welcomes you on a fine sandy beach surrounded by famous cliffs, which are amongst the highest in Brittany.

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  • Pôle Nautique Loguivy de la Mer - Brittany

    Pôle Nautique Loguivy de la Mer

    15 rue de Roc'Hir
    22620 Ploubazlanec
    Phone : 02 96 20 22 22

    With a location close to the Bréhat archipelago, in the Côtes d'Armor, a dynamic team of sailing, kayaking and stand up paddle board enthusiasts will help you to learn your favourite discipline and also to discover their region.

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  • Club nautique de Pontrieux - Brittany

    Club nautique de Pontrieux

    Rue du Port
    22260 Pontrieux
    Phone : 02 96 95 17 20

    The Nautique Pontrivien club is based at Pontrieux, an ideal spot from which to explore the Trieux Estuary and the coastline along eight routes suited to all abilities.

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  • Centre Nautique les Albatros - Brittany

    Centre Nautique les Albatros

    Plage du Guerzido
    22870 Île-de-Bréhat
    Phone : 02 96 20 07 24
    Fax : 02 96 20 07 24

    The water sports centre located on the island of Bréhat will allow you to discover an exceptional site thanks to all the possibilities of sailing, kayaking and diving.

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  • L'Arbre à Lutik - Brittany

    L'Arbre à Lutik

    39 Kernilien
    22200 Plouisy
    Cell : 06 81 41 97 62

    Climb up in the trees branch by branch right to the top, just like when you were a child… that's what l'Arbre à Lutik offers, right across Brittany.

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