• UCPA Bénodet - Brittany

    UCPA Bénodet

    Le Letty
    29950 Bénodet
    Phone : 02 98 57 03 26
    Fax : 02 98 57 19 25

    In South Finistère, the Bénodet UCPA welcomes you to the banks of a magnificent lagoon looking out on the Glénan Islands. Activities, accommodation, meals, everything is included.

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  • Sensations Kite - Brittany

    Sensations Kite

    Maison de la mer
    Port de la Houle
    22750 Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer
    Cell : 06 08 94 70 89

    It is on the Hébiens Peninsula that the Sensations Kite School gives lessons in ideal conditions to learn how to kitesurf and feel relaxed.

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  • Kite Spirit - Brittany

    Kite Spirit

    Zone du Moustoir
    56400 Auray
    Cell : 06 61 58 14 19

    Shop and kite surf school, Kite Spirit is dedicated to the sport of being pulled along. Kite-surfing on the water, but also on a mountain-board and sand buggy: it doesn’t matter what type of board we’re talking about, as there is always the thrill of steering the kite.

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  • Trégor Kite - Brittany

    Trégor Kite

    57 rue de Leur Min
    22710 Penvénan
    Cell : 06 70 81 80 22

    A steady force 4 wind? Then it's the perfect time to try kiteboarding. The new Trégor Kite School at Penvénan will provide the equipment and expertise to delight and excite, and it's all totally safe.

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  • Spot Nautique de Plougonvelin - Brittany

    Spot Nautique de Plougonvelin

    Bd de la mer
    29217 Plougonvelin
    Phone : 02 98 48 35 10
    Fax : 02 98 48 22 20

    In Plougonvelin, on sheltered waters, Plougonvelin Point Passion Beach Centre water sports centre enables you to sail and feel relaxed. And you can do that while admiring one of Brittany’s most beautiful coastlines.

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  • Avel Pad - Brittany

    Avel Pad

    30 rue Jean Jaurès
    56000 Vannes
    Phone : 06 73 35 50 35

    Avel Pad, an aquatic sports school based in Vannes, will enable you to discover the charms of the Gulf of Morbihan and the Rhuys Peninsula thanks to two fun activities, which complement each other: Stand Up Paddle surfing and kitesurfing.

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  • Easy Ride - Brittany

    Easy Ride

    21 rue de la Natière
    35400 Saint-Malo
    Cell : 06 80 21 22 88

    It just takes around a dozen hours of classes from Manu Duclos, the instructor and manager of the Easy Ride Centre in Saint-Malo and kitesurfers can go it alone.

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  • Kitesurf Evolution - Brittany

    Kitesurf Evolution

    Marie Nicolas
    3 bis rue Louis Garin
    29120 Combrit
    Cell : 06 87 84 53 65

    On the south coast of Finistère, Nicolas Marie, an instructor at Kitesurf Évolution, will teach you how to kitesurf in the safest possible way, so that you'll feel you're receiving private tuition.

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  • Kerlewind - Brittany


    Plage de kerleven -Port la Forêt
    29940 La Forêt-Fouesnant
    Cell : 06 58 09 34 55

    Based in Port Haliguen, Daniel Greder along with the Gwalarn at the Quiberon French Diving School offers a warm friendly atmosphere.

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  • Nautisme en Pays d'Iroise Landunvez - Brittany

    Nautisme en Pays d'Iroise Landunvez

    Cale d'Argenton
    29840 Landunvez
    Phone : 02 98 89 54 04
    Fax : 02 98 48 76 23

    Four bodies are grouped together under a single banner. “Water sports in the Iroise region” brings together a wide range of sailing activities at the tip of Finistère, along more than 5 miles of coast.

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  • NKS 56 Ecole de kite surf - Brittany

    NKS 56 Ecole de kite surf

    10 rue de Préleran
    56340 Plouharnel
    Cell : 06 58 18 93 77

    The Morbihan school of Kitesurfing and stand up paddle boarding welcomes you all year round at some of the best locations in the department (Carnac, Quiberon, Plouharnel, Erdeven, Lorient-Guidel, Vannes-Gulf of Morbihan...) to help you explore the new generation of watersports.

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  • West Gliss - Brittany

    West Gliss

    Chemin des Dunes
    Plage de Pentrez
    29550 Saint-Nic
    Cell : 06 65 26 25 76

    In the south of the Crozon Peninsula, West Gliss runs kite-surfing courses and trips on an inflatable towed by a motor-boat. Laughs guaranteed!

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  • Aumaka Surf School - Brittany

    Aumaka Surf School

    Plage de Tronoën
    29120 Saint-Jean-Trolimon
    Phone : 09 80 59 44 91

    Based on the magnificent Tronoën beach, this mobile surf school allows you to surf from March to December whatever the weather and on all sorts of waves.

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  • Ecole de kite surf Ty Kite Skol - Brittany

    Ecole de kite surf Ty Kite Skol

    Guidel Plages et fort bloqué
    56520 Guidel
    Cell : 06 73 16 91 38

    Small groups, good lessons, a location chosen to suit the day’s weather in Guidel, Fort-Bloqué or Larmor Plage: the Ty Kite Skol kitesurfing school offers everything to ensure you learn quickly.

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  • KiteSardin School - Brittany

    KiteSardin School

    11 rue Jean Bart
    29172 Douarnenez
    Cell : 06 80 67 14 16

    All year round, at Kitesardin School, get a taste of kitesurfing on this magnificent stretch of water: Douarnenez Bay. Kitesardin School will really help to speed up your progress.

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