• KiteSardin School - Brittany

    KiteSardin School

    11 rue Jean Bart
    29172 Douarnenez
    Cell : 06 80 67 14 16

    All year round, at Kitesardin School, get a taste of kitesurfing on this magnificent stretch of water: Douarnenez Bay. Kitesardin School will really help to speed up your progress.

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  • Base Nautique Ile Grande - Brittany

    Base Nautique Ile Grande

    Pors Gelen
    Ile Grande
    22560 Pleumeur-Bodou
    Phone : 02 96 91 92 10
    Fax : 02 96 91 93 38

    In Pleumeur-Bodou, near Lannion, the Ile Grande Water Sports Centre invites you to discover a remarkable site, which is perfectly suited to learning how to sail.

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  • CaminoKayak - Brittany


    Plage de l’anse du Stole - Lomener
    56270 Ploemeur
    Cell : 06 63 04 56 47

    A day out with the family, a two day trip around the Island of Groix, and not forgetting the courses, Camino Kayak , have a variety of services on offer to let you wind your way through the waters of the Lorient region. Beginner or advanced, alone or with a group, there's something to suit your needs and level.

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  • Centre équestre le Trèfle - Brittany

    Centre équestre le Trèfle

    Lespern route de treguennec
    29720 Ploneour Lanvern
    Phone : 02 98 87 78 41

    To the west of Quimper, near Penmarc’h, Le Trèfle Riding Centre, identifies top class competitors, and invites you to ride around the coast.

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  • Base Sports Nature du Pont Querra - Brittany

    Base Sports Nature du Pont Querra

    Le Pont Querra
    22210 Plémet
    Phone : 02 96 25 97 22
    Fax : 02 96 25 97 22

    On the banks of a river, in the middle of a forest, on wheels, paddling or walking, the Pont Querra Nature Sports centre invites you to fill your lungs with fresh air throughout the year.

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  • Base Nautique Roi Morvan Communauté - Brittany

    Base Nautique Roi Morvan Communauté

    Etang du Bel Air
    56320 Priziac
    Phone : 02 97 34 65 86
    Fax : 02 97 34 65 86

    The Pays du Roi Morvan Watersports Centre has its headquarters in the commune of Priziac, in the Department of Morbihan. Here you can practise kayaking on calm stretches of water in a lush, green setting. The aim is to combine exploring the natural environment with acquiring basic kayaking techniques.

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  • Zef Attitud' - Brittany

    Zef Attitud'

    Ludovic Trottein
    23 avenue du Général de Gaulle
    56170 Quiberon
    Cell : 06 11 26 22 10

    Between the beaches at Erdeven, Penthièvre and Port-Maria, Zef Attitud' allows you to speed along the sands depending on the prevailing winds and your level.

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  • Nomad Nautic - Brittany

    Nomad Nautic

    Voilier ILUNA
    Port Haliguen
    56170 Quiberon
    Cell : 06 13 75 00 03

    Before you sail round the world, make landfall at the Pointe de Quiberon to brush up on your long-distance sailing and berthing manoeuvres with Nomad Nautic.

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  • Ecole de Voile Oceane - Brittany

    Ecole de Voile Oceane

    Fort de Kernevest
    56470 Saint-Philibert
    Phone : 02 97 55 13 76
    Fax : 02 97 55 13 76

    At Saint-Philibert Point at the mouth of the Crac’h River, the Océane sailing school is housed in a former military fort from the nineteenth Century, which has been completely renovated.

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  • Société des Régates de Brest - Brittany

    Société des Régates de Brest

    Port du Moulin Blanc
    29200 Brest
    Phone : 02 98 02 53 36

    Since 1847, the Brest Yacht Club (Société des Régates de Brest) has been the club of champions and youngsters who can discover sailing during the holidays. The aim of this club has always been to make sailing available to everyone.

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  • Centre Nautique de Brignogan Plage

    Plage des Crapauds
    29890 Brignogan-Plage
    Phone : 02 98 83 44 76

    The ideal way to experience some excitement in a natural setting, Karaez Adrénaline invites you to choose your own programme from among the 110 options at the Brittany Centre.

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  • Catavoile 29 - Brittany

    Catavoile 29

    Port de Morgat
    29160 Crozon
    Cell : 06 69 18 07 76

    On board the 'Faltazi' an 8.50m long catamaran, Erwan Rognan will help you discover the charms of the Crozan peninsula and Douarnenez Bay thanks to a wide choice of trips open to all (18 months and up).

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  • Aqua rêve en Bzh - Brittany

    Aqua rêve en Bzh

    Plage de Cap Coz
    29170 Fouesnant
    Cell : 06 10 02 73 55

    At the Ergué-Gabéric swimming pool, 'Aqua rêve en BZH' makes every little girl's dream come true: they learn to swim like a mermaid, and with a real fish's tail!

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  • Base Sports Nature de Lannion - Brittany

    Base Sports Nature de Lannion

    Rue Saint Christophe
    22300 Lannion
    Phone : 02 96 37 43 90

    The Lannion Water Sports centre is the ideal place for paddle sports. The sea, river, white water, everything is possible.

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  • 47° Nautik - Base de Larmor Baden - Brittany

    47° Nautik - Base de Larmor Baden

    Port de Pen Lannic
    56870 Larmor-Baden
    Phone : 02 97 57 20 80
    Fax : 02 97 57 20 80

    Why not come and train in the club that can boast the best race results since 2005? A great way to discover the Gulf of Morbihan.

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