• Brise et Voiles - Brittany

    Brise et Voiles

    Impasse des Mâts
    Route de Pénerf
    56750 Damgan
    Phone : 02 97 41 10 62

    The philosophy of Brise et Voiles is to make sailing available to everyone. This sailing school combines teaching and hire for beginners, who wish to start out and for more advanced sailors. Everything is done with a smile, in a friendly atmosphere and with the team available for you.

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  • KiteSardin School - Brittany

    KiteSardin School

    11 rue Jean Bart
    29172 Douarnenez
    Cell : 06 80 67 14 16

    All year round, at Kitesardin School, get a taste of kitesurfing on this magnificent stretch of water: Douarnenez Bay. Kitesardin School will really help to speed up your progress.

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  • Breizh wake park - Brittany

    Breizh wake park

    Etang du Lou
    22270 Jugon-les-Lacs
    Phone : 09 72 86 25 59

    Breizh Wake Park, between Rennes and Lamballe, offers cable water-skiing on the lake and specially designed facilities for family picnics.

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  • La Roche-Derrien canoë kayak - Brittany

    La Roche-Derrien canoë kayak

    Base des Prajou
    22450 La Roche-Derrien
    Phone : 02 96 91 51 48

    La Roche Derrien Canoë-Kayak club offers the chance to discover the charms of the Jaudy river and its estuary, in the Côtes d'Armor region, which is especially rich in flora and fauna. The association also holds club activities throughout the year.

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  • Ecole de Surf Sweet Spot - Brittany

    Ecole de Surf Sweet Spot

    11, Kerriou
    Plage de Penfoul
    29840 Landunvez
    Cell : 06 86 14 18 69

    In the Brest region, the Sweet Spot School offers an introduction to surfing, but also Stand Up Paddle, a sport that is easier to do and ideal to move around safely.

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  • 29 Hood surf club - Brittany

    29 Hood surf club

    381 route du Musée de la Préhistoire
    Pors Carn
    29760 Penmarch
    Phone : 07 87 51 56 47

    On the southern side of Torche Point, Pors Carn Bay offers surfers and body boarders perfect waves. An ideal place to go to discover surfing and improve your performance in complete safety with the help of some enthusiasts: your instructors, Thomas Joncour and Alan L'Helgoualch, are respectively the 2011 European surfing vice-champion and the French body boarding champion.

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  • Parc Aventure le Poisson Volant - Brittany

    Parc Aventure le Poisson Volant

    Douar Gwen
    56270 Ploemeur
    Cell : 06 80 24 05 06

    Adventure trails are popping up all over Brittany to offer adventures up in the trees. In the Lorient area, the Flying Fish Centre decided to set up in the country without forgetting their marine features.

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  • Ecole de Vol Libre du Ménez-Hom - Brittany

    Ecole de Vol Libre du Ménez-Hom

    29550 Plomodiern
    Phone : 02 98 81 50 27

    On the sloping mountainside at the Ménez-Hom hang-gliding school, paragliders and hang-gliders take off from 800 metres above ground level

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  • Nautisme en Pays d'Iroise Plouarzel

    29810 Plouarzel
    Phone : 02 98 84 01 89
    Fax : 02 98 48 22 20

    Plouarzel water sports centre benefits from a unique setting on the edge of the Four Channel, looking out to Molène and the surrounding flat, wild islands. Protected from the swell of the ocean, the sailing area invites you to discover the seas.

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  • Bertheaume Iroise Aventure - Brittany

    Bertheaume Iroise Aventure

    Fort de Bertheaume
    29217 Plougonvelin
    Phone : 02 98 48 26 41

    In an exceptional natural location, discover the coastal adventure trail, which is unique in Brittany. In particular, you can enjoy a 200m long zip-line, 40 metres up in the air overlooking the Iroise Sea.

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  • Soul Surfin'Skol - Brittany

    Soul Surfin'Skol

    8 rue du Maréchal Juin
    29780 Plouhinec
    Cell : 06 98 16 28 29

    A cheerful friendly approach are the watchwords at this mobile surf school, which moves around Audierne Bay. But they don’t forget the technical side either, as the aim is to make you independent as quickly as possible.

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  • Spot Nautique de Brignogan Plages

    plage des Crapauds
    29890 Plounéour-Brignogan-plages
    Phone : 02 98 83 44 76
    Fax : 02 98 83 44 75

    Located on the Coast of Legends, in the heart of what is known as the Pagan Region in Finistère, Brignogan Point Passion Beach Centre offers you an opportunity to let your imagination run wild from May to September.

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  • Base Nautique Roi Morvan Communauté - Brittany

    Base Nautique Roi Morvan Communauté

    Etang du Bel Air
    56320 Priziac
    Phone : 02 97 34 65 86
    Fax : 02 97 34 65 86

    The Pays du Roi Morvan Watersports Centre has its headquarters in the commune of Priziac, in the Department of Morbihan. Here you can practise kayaking on calm stretches of water in a lush, green setting. The aim is to combine exploring the natural environment with acquiring basic kayaking techniques.

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  • Speedair Parachutisme Lorient - Brittany

    Speedair Parachutisme Lorient

    Route de Kerdual Kéroulan
    56530 Quéven
    Cell : 06 66 25 61 43

    Speed Air Parachuting invites you to jump and free fall thorough the air above Lorient at more than 180 mph, while being closely monitored by a professional instructor.

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  • Société Nautique de Saint Malo - Rothéneuf - Brittany

    Société Nautique de Saint Malo - Rothéneuf

    Havre de Rotheneuf
    35400 Saint-Malo
    Phone : 02 99 56 16 33

    Safe with a warm atmosphere and quality environment, you’ll really want to spend more time in the water at St. Malo-Rotheneuf Point Passion Beach Centre at the foot of the ramparts in St. Malo.

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