• Voile Escapade - Brittany

    Voile Escapade

    Ponton A, place 34
    Port la Forêt
    29940 La Forêt-Fouesnant
    Cell : 06 73 11 48 49

    From its berth in Port-la-Forêt, Voile Escapade organises courses, discovery trips and mini-cruises to give you a taste of sailing in totally safe surroundings.

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  • Club canoë kayak de la Rance - Brittany

    Club canoë kayak de la Rance

    13 rue du Four
    22100 Lanvallay
    Phone : 02 96 39 01 50

    The Rance Canoe-Kayak Club welcomes all ages and abilities to its base at the port of Dinan for one-off trips or regular year-round activities.

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  • Spot Nautique de Lorient - Sellor Nautisme - Brittany

    Spot Nautique de Lorient - Sellor Nautisme

    Parc Oceanique de Kerguellen
    56260 Larmor-Plage
    Phone : 02 97 33 69 55
    Fax : 02 97 33 73 73

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  • Angelus Plongée - Brittany

    Angelus Plongée

    56360 Le Palais
    Cell : 06 85 13 83 76

    Well known for its coastal paths, Belle-Ile-en-Mer is also a paradise for divers. Thanks to Angelus Diving, whatever your age or level, you can discover so many things under the water around this gem of an island.

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  • Cercle Nautique de Loctudy - Brittany

    Cercle Nautique de Loctudy

    Boulevard de la Mer
    Plage de Langoz
    29750 Loctudy
    Phone : 02 98 87 42 84

    To the south of Quimper, the Loctudy water sports centre welcomes you on Langoz beach with one guiding principle: quality. The reception, monitoring, equipment... nothing is left to chance.

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  • Centre de Plongée John Clipperton - Brittany

    Centre de Plongée John Clipperton

    Port de Brigneau
    29350 Moëlan-sur-Mer
    Phone : 02 98 71 98 18

    Diving, learning, sharing. It is with these three words in mind that Stéphane and Elodie run the John Clipperton Diving Centre in South Finistère near Moëlan-sur-Mer.

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  • Centre Nautique Plestin Les Grèves - Brittany

    Centre Nautique Plestin Les Grèves

    29 bis Av. de la Lieue de Grève
    22310 Plestin-les-Grèves
    Phone : 02 96 35 62 25

    The Plestin Watersports Centre welcomes you to Saint Efflam beach, which is well-known for sand-yachting. Whether on the sand or in the water, there's something for everyone!

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  • Centre de Voile de Saint Brieuc - Brittany

    Centre de Voile de Saint Brieuc

    27 Bd de Cornouaille
    Les Rosaires
    22190 Plérin
    Phone : 02 96 74 51 59
    Fax : 02 96 74 45 07

    In the magnificent setting of Saint-Brieuc Bay, this centre aims to help you make progress while offering instruction about being a good sailor.

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  • Abicyclette - Brittany


    81 mail François Mitterand
    35500 Rennes
    Phone : 02 30 964 954

    Brittany is a rich and varied playground for mountain bike enthusiasts. Abicyclette offers accompanied or unaccompanied breaks which are suited to your particular level and which will allow you to explore and discover the region.

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  • Aumaka Surf School - Brittany

    Aumaka Surf School

    Plage de Tronoën
    29120 Saint-Jean-Trolimon
    Phone : 09 80 59 44 91

    Based on the magnificent Tronoën beach, this mobile surf school allows you to surf from March to December whatever the weather and on all sorts of waves.

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  • Société Nautique de Saint Malo - Rothéneuf - Brittany

    Société Nautique de Saint Malo - Rothéneuf

    Havre de Rotheneuf
    35400 Saint-Malo
    Phone : 02 99 56 16 33

    Safe with a warm atmosphere and quality environment, you’ll really want to spend more time in the water at St. Malo-Rotheneuf Point Passion Beach Centre at the foot of the ramparts in St. Malo.

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  • Poney-club de Saint-Malo - Brittany

    Poney-club de Saint-Malo

    2 Chemin du Vau garni
    35400 Saint-Malo
    Phone : 02 99 19 08 61

    In Saint-Malo, from the age of 3 for walks and from 5 for beginners’ classes, the Saint-Malo Pony Club is open to everyone, even to adults.

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  • Ecole de Voile Oceane - Brittany

    Ecole de Voile Oceane

    Fort de Kernevest
    56470 Saint-Philibert
    Phone : 02 97 55 13 76
    Fax : 02 97 55 13 76

    At Saint-Philibert Point at the mouth of the Crac’h River, the Océane sailing school is housed in a former military fort from the nineteenth Century, which has been completely renovated.

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  • Wakepark Advance Ride - Brittany

    Wakepark Advance Ride

    Lac de Ty Colo
    29290 Saint-Renan
    Cell : 06 43 07 63 57

    It is on Ty Colo Lake in Saint-Renan that the first water-ski tow centre in Brittany has been set up. From March to November, beginners and more advanced students can enjoy the pleasures of wakeboarding, just ten minutes from Brest.

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  • Club hippique de Trégastel - Brittany

    Club hippique de Trégastel

    13 Route du Calvaire
    22730 Trégastel
    Phone : 02 96 23 86 14

    It’s in Northern Brittany with its contrasting landscapes that Trégastel Riding Club is based. Specialising in the preparation of competitions, the centre also organises treks.

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