• Centre Nautique Roscoff - Brittany

    Centre Nautique Roscoff

    Quai Charles de Gaulle
    29682 Roscoff
    Phone : 02 98 69 72 79

    Alongside the more traditional activities, the Roscoff water sports centre also offers some different craft, which can be great fun and offer good performance, while remaining safe

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  • Base plein air kayak Saint-Armel - Brittany

    Base plein air kayak Saint-Armel

    79 route Le Passage
    56450 Saint-Armel
    Phone : 02 97 26 48 21

    With 25 years' experience, the Plein Air Kayak Saint-Armel centre uses its expertise to help you improve your skills at one of the most sheltered locations in the Morbihan region.

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  • Société Nautique de Saint Malo - Rothéneuf - Brittany

    Société Nautique de Saint Malo - Rothéneuf

    Havre de Rotheneuf
    35400 Saint-Malo
    Phone : 02 99 56 16 33

    Safe with a warm atmosphere and quality environment, you’ll really want to spend more time in the water at St. Malo-Rotheneuf Point Passion Beach Centre at the foot of the ramparts in St. Malo.

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  • Flysurfinistere - Brittany


    50 rue des Mouettes
    Port de Plaisance
    29200 Brest
    Phone : 02 98 02 03 54

    Flysurfinistère invites you to try kitesurfing near Brest. The goal: make each student independent so they can quickly enjoy the pleasures of speed on the water.

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  • Nautilus Dive Center - Brittany

    Nautilus Dive Center

    2 rue de la croix aux Poitiers
    35131 Chartres-de-Bretagne
    Cell : 06 85 31 39 12

    Based in Chartres-de-Bretagne, the Nautilus Dive Center heads off to the north or south coast depending on what you are looking for and the weather conditions. There is something for you, whether you are a beginner or experienced diver and whatever your age: everyone is welcome.

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  • Centre Nautique du Domaine de Boulet - Brittany

    Centre Nautique du Domaine de Boulet

    Plage de la Bijouterie
    Etang de Boulet
    35440 Feins
    Phone : 02 99 69 70 69
    Fax : 02 99 69 64 10

    The D’Aubigné Water Sports centre welcomes you at the Etang de Boulet lake, the department’s biggest stretch of inland water. A wide range of activities are available in an unspoilt protected environment.

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  • Centre Nautique de Gâvres - Sellor Nautisme - Brittany

    Centre Nautique de Gâvres - Sellor Nautisme

    La Grande Plage
    56680 Gâvres
    Phone : 02 97 33 77 78

    A peninsula located at the mouth of the Blavet, Gâvres is one of the gems of the Lorient area. On the main beach, the water sports centre is there to give you some sea air in the summer.

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  • Made in blue by Evolution 2 - Brittany

    Made in blue by Evolution 2

    8 A route de Carnac
    56470 La Trinité-sur-Mer
    Phone : 02 97 30 16 06
    Fax : 02 97 30 16 06

    At Made in Blue, in the harbour in La Trinité, the summer weeks go by with various themes on offer: on Thursdays, night dives; on Fridays, drift diving.

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  • Ecole de Plongée de Plougasnou - Brittany

    Ecole de Plongée de Plougasnou

    35 rue du Port
    Port du Diben
    29630 Plougasnou
    Phone : 02 98 72 38 78

    With fresh and seawater coming together, unique fauna and flora can be found in Morlaix Bay. From April to November, the team of 4 instructors at the Plougasnou diving school will guide you through this voyage of discovery.

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  • Kart56

    ZA la madeleine RD 22
    56400 Ploëmel
    Phone : 02 97 56 71 71
    Fax : 02 97 56 73 73

    At Kart 56 in Ploëmel, you can come along and try out the 800m open-air circuit on your own or in a group. Thanks to its all weather surface, you can drive outside in all weather conditions.

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  • Ecole de Surf de Bretagne de Penhors Plage - Brittany

    Ecole de Surf de Bretagne de Penhors Plage

    Penhors Plage
    29710 Pouldreuzic
    Cell : 06 75 23 10 86

    The Penhors Beach Brittany Surf School welcomes you to a spot suited to a wide range of activities and offers high quality equipment that is renewed each year.

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  • Club Nautique de Pénestin - Brittany

    Club Nautique de Pénestin

    Plage de Poudrantais
    56760 Pénestin
    Phone : 02 99 90 32 50

    At the mouth of the Vilaine, the Pénestin Water Sports centre has at its disposal waters that offer ideal weather and safety conditions for sailing, which can be carried out in a friendly atmosphere.

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  • Spot Nautique de Saint Cast Le Guildo - Brittany

    Spot Nautique de Saint Cast Le Guildo

    La Grande Plage
    22380 Saint-Cast-le-Guildo
    Phone : 02 96 41 71 71
    Fax : 02 96 41 86 42

    From Easter to November, the Saint-Cast-Le-Guildo “Point Passion” Beach Centre enables you to go sailing and kayaking as you wish on some great equipment.

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  • Yacht Club de Saint-Lunaire - Brittany

    Yacht Club de Saint-Lunaire

    Boulevard de la Plage
    B.P. 15
    35800 Saint-Lunaire
    Phone : 02 99 46 30 04

    Right next to the Pointe du Décollé looking out on Harbour Island and Saint-Malo Bay, Saint-Lunaire Yacht Club is a magnificent setting allowing you to sail in gentle waters.

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  • Escapades Verticales - Brittany

    Escapades Verticales

    Base de Loisirs de l’Île aux Pies
    56350 Saint-Vincent-Sur-Oust
    Cell : 06 16 99 81 41

    Escapades Verticales, it's a lot more than tree climbing. The five trails will help you to conquer not only the trees, but also the cliffs on the Ile aux Pies (Magpie Island), near Redon.

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