• Ecole de Voile Locquirec - Brittany

    Ecole de Voile Locquirec

    29241 Locquirec
    Phone : 02 98 67 44 57
    Fax : 02 98 67 45 94

    On the border between Finistère and the Côtes d’Armor, Locquirec Sailing School invites sailors of all levels to come to these safe waters.

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  • Cercle Nautique de Loctudy - Brittany

    Cercle Nautique de Loctudy

    Boulevard de la Mer
    Plage de Langoz
    29750 Loctudy
    Phone : 02 98 87 42 84

    To the south of Quimper, the Loctudy water sports centre welcomes you on Langoz beach with one guiding principle: quality. The reception, monitoring, equipment... nothing is left to chance.

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  • Multicoque Aventures - Brittany

    Multicoque Aventures

    11b rue des deux moulins
    BP 6033
    56880 Ploeren
    Cell : 06 21 03 21 75

    Setting out from Arradon, go for a sail aboard a fast, but safe racing multihull. From introductory classes to two day camps, there is something to suit all tastes.

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  • L'Arbre à Lutik - Brittany

    L'Arbre à Lutik

    39 Kernilien
    22200 Plouisy
    Cell : 06 81 41 97 62

    Climb up in the trees branch by branch right to the top, just like when you were a child… that's what l'Arbre à Lutik offers, right across Brittany.

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  • Les Cognets Equitation - Brittany

    Les Cognets Equitation

    Les Cognets
    22240 Plurien
    Phone : 02 96 72 09 30
    Fax : 02 96 72 47 00

    On the Emerald Coast, between St Brieuc and St Malo, at the Les Cognets Equestrian centre, Marie de Kerautem and her team offer a new approach to horse-riding. Their aim is to share their love of horses.

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  • Quiberon Plongée - Brittany

    Quiberon Plongée

    Port Haliguen 2
    56170 Quiberon
    Phone : 02 97 50 00 98

    Based in Port Haliguen, Daniel Greder along with the Gwalarn at the Quiberon French Diving School offers a warm friendly atmosphere.

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  • Saint-Malo Plongée Emeraude - Brittany

    Saint-Malo Plongée Emeraude

    Centre Bleu Emeraude
    Terre plein du Naye
    35400 Saint-Malo
    Phone : 02 99 19 90 36
    Fax : 02 99 19 95 33

    Saint-Malo Emerald Diving Club is a structure that is open throughout the year. The association has a wide range of facilities to suit your needs in some spacious premises.

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  • Club de Char à Voile de Pentrez - Brittany

    Club de Char à Voile de Pentrez

    Chemin des Dunes
    29550 Saint-Nic
    Phone : 02 98 26 94 61

    In the heart of Douarnenez Bay, the Pen Trez centre awaits you on 3 miles of sand, which is flat and stable, and therefore ideal for sand yachting.

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  • Spot Nautique de Séné - Brittany

    Spot Nautique de Séné

    Moustérian - Route de la Pointe du Bill
    56860 Séné
    Phone : 02 97 66 53 67
    Fax : 02 97 66 53 67

    At the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan, Séné Point Passion Beach Centre allows you to discover unspoilt protected islands, spot wading birds coming from the Moguériec ornithological reserve, and discover another face of the “Little Sea”.

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  • Centre de plongée H2JO - Brittany

    Centre de plongée H2JO

    19 quai des Cabestans
    56640 Arzon
    Phone : 02 97 53 62 73

    Situated in the Port of Le Crouesty, at Arzon, H2JO offer introductory dives, diving courses and exploratory dives for beginners and more advanced divers. A chance to discover the seabed of the Morbihan Gulf and Quiberon Bay in a friendly atmosphere and in optimal conditions.

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  • Nautilus Dive Center - Brittany

    Nautilus Dive Center

    2 rue de la croix aux Poitiers
    35131 Chartres-de-Bretagne
    Cell : 06 85 31 39 12

    Based in Chartres-de-Bretagne, the Nautilus Dive Center heads off to the north or south coast depending on what you are looking for and the weather conditions. There is something for you, whether you are a beginner or experienced diver and whatever your age: everyone is welcome.

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  • ULM Club la Paimpolaise - Brittany

    ULM Club la Paimpolaise

    Impasse Clément Ader
    22500 Kerfot
    Phone : 02 96 20 85 33
    Fax : 02 96 20 91 18

    Since 1981, La Paimpolaise Microlight Club has been enabling others to discover the pleasures of microlight flying. That is their goal after all “Sharing our passion for flying,” explained Philippe Meriglier, instructor and president of this club.

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  • Loisirs Temps Libre - Brittany

    Loisirs Temps Libre

    Le Patis
    56130 La Roche-Bernard
    Phone : 02 99 90 83 25
    Fax : 02 99 90 83 25

    Far from the crowded coast and away from the noise, situated in the heart of the country, Loisirs Temps Libre has made the banks of the Vilaine its playground.

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  • Aber Wrac'h Plongée - Brittany

    Aber Wrac'h Plongée

    Port de l'Aber Wrac'h
    29870 Landéda
    Cell : 06 77 78 45 15

    “Before considering it as a job, diving is our passion.” With their flippers on, Ludovic Granier and Eric Ledormeur, manager and instructor at Aber Wrac’h Diving makes it very clear.

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  • Parc Aventure le Poisson Volant - Brittany

    Parc Aventure le Poisson Volant

    Douar Gwen
    56270 Ploemeur
    Cell : 06 80 24 05 06

    Adventure trails are popping up all over Brittany to offer adventures up in the trees. In the Lorient area, the Flying Fish Centre decided to set up in the country without forgetting their marine features.

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