• Aéro Plas

    Le Stancou
    29246 Poullaouen
    Cell : 06 08 94 87 46

    The Aéro-Plass microlight base is just on the edge of Huelgoat Forest and offers maiden flights and tourist trips flying over some of inland Brittany's most beautiful sites.

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  • Zef Attitud' - Brittany

    Zef Attitud'

    Ludovic Trottein
    23 avenue du Général de Gaulle
    56170 Quiberon
    Cell : 06 11 26 22 10

    Between the beaches at Erdeven, Penthièvre and Port-Maria, Zef Attitud' allows you to speed along the sands depending on the prevailing winds and your level.

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  • Centre Nautique Roscoff - Brittany

    Centre Nautique Roscoff

    Quai Charles de Gaulle
    29682 Roscoff
    Phone : 02 98 69 72 79

    Alongside the more traditional activities, the Roscoff water sports centre also offers some different craft, which can be great fun and offer good performance, while remaining safe

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  • Canoë kayak Ille et Rance - Brittany

    Canoë kayak Ille et Rance

    Ile de Robinson
    35760 Saint-Grégoire
    Phone : 09 61 54 98 62

    The Ile-et-Rance Canoe-Kayak club at Saint-Grégoire, north of Rennes, offers a high level of expertise. The club regularly trains sports kayakers at a very high level. The club is open to everyone and has a wide range of facilities and equipment available.

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  • Yacht Club de Saint-Lunaire - Brittany

    Yacht Club de Saint-Lunaire

    Boulevard de la Plage
    B.P. 15
    35800 Saint-Lunaire
    Phone : 02 99 46 30 04

    Right next to the Pointe du Décollé looking out on Harbour Island and Saint-Malo Bay, Saint-Lunaire Yacht Club is a magnificent setting allowing you to sail in gentle waters.

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  • Base de loisirs - Canoë Apach'Bihan - Brittany

    Base de loisirs - Canoë Apach'Bihan

    Port Saint Vincent sur l'Oust
    56350 Saint-Vincent-sur-Oust
    Phone : 02 99 91 21 15

    You can explore the rivers of the Pays de Redon area with 'Canoë Apach’Bihan', aboard one of their wide range of kayaks and canoes, including an 18-person canoe!

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  • Ecole de Voile de Trébeurden - Brittany

    Ecole de Voile de Trébeurden

    3 rue de Traou Meur
    22560 Trébeurden
    Phone : 02 96 23 51 35

    Isles, islands, creeks and beaches… There's no way you're going to get bored out on the water in Lannion Bay. From March to November, the sailing school in Trébeurden invites you to discover these wonderful waters with plenty of things to see and do.

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  • 47° Nautik Arradon et île d'Arz - Brittany

    47° Nautik Arradon et île d'Arz

    7 rue de la Carrière
    56610 Arradon
    Phone : 02 97 44 72 92

    The Arradon water sports centre is a very dynamic structure, which will allow you to discover the Gulf of Morbihan through a variety of activities.

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  • Centre de plongée H2JO - Brittany

    Centre de plongée H2JO

    19 quai des Cabestans
    56640 Arzon
    Phone : 02 97 53 62 73

    Situated in the Port of Le Crouesty, at Arzon, H2JO offer introductory dives, diving courses and exploratory dives for beginners and more advanced divers. A chance to discover the seabed of the Morbihan Gulf and Quiberon Bay in a friendly atmosphere and in optimal conditions.

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  • Société des Régates de Brest - Brittany

    Société des Régates de Brest

    Port du Moulin Blanc
    29200 Brest
    Phone : 02 98 02 53 36

    Since 1847, the Brest Yacht Club (Société des Régates de Brest) has been the club of champions and youngsters who can discover sailing during the holidays. The aim of this club has always been to make sailing available to everyone.

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  • Parcours d'aventure Karaez Adrénaline - Brittany

    Parcours d'aventure Karaez Adrénaline

    Vallée de l'hyères
    Kerniguez BP60125
    29833 Carhaix Plouguer
    Cell : 06 50 19 15 98

    The ideal way to experience some strong emotions in a natural environment, Karaez Adrenaline invites you to choose what you want to do from the 110 workshops available in the centre of Brittany.

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  • Centre de Plongée Isa

    Port de Plaisance de Morgat
    BP 5
    29160 Crozon
    Phone : 02 98 27 05 00
    Fax : 02 98 26 25 76

    At the end of the harbour in Morgat, the comfortable ISA diving centre takes care of all the divers, individuals or groups, for safe outings in Douarnenez Bay.

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  • Wishbone Club Dinard - Brittany

    Wishbone Club Dinard

    Plage de l'Ecluse
    35800 Dinard
    Phone : 02 99 88 15 20
    Fax : 02 99 88 15 20

    Dinard Wishbone Club, founded by some windsurfing enthusiasts, has managed to widen its range of activities, while keeping its original spirit, based around a tribe and the desire to take advantage of an exceptional site.

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  • Centre Nautique du Domaine de Boulet - Brittany

    Centre Nautique du Domaine de Boulet

    Plage de la Bijouterie
    Etang de Boulet
    35440 Feins
    Phone : 02 99 69 70 69
    Fax : 02 99 69 64 10

    The D’Aubigné Water Sports centre welcomes you at the Etang de Boulet lake, the department’s biggest stretch of inland water. A wide range of activities are available in an unspoilt protected environment.

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  • Get Up Stand Up - Brittany

    Get Up Stand Up

    Pointe de Mousterlin
    29170 Fouesnant
    Cell :

    Get Up Stand Up welcomes you from mid-June through to mid-September at Mousterlin Point in Fouesnant. Here you can discover the coastal environment, or the River Odet on a stand up paddle or by kayak.

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