• Société Nautique de Saint Malo - Rothéneuf - Brittany

    Société Nautique de Saint Malo - Rothéneuf

    Havre de Rotheneuf
    35400 Saint-Malo
    Phone : 02 99 56 16 33

    Safe with a warm atmosphere and quality environment, you’ll really want to spend more time in the water at St. Malo-Rotheneuf Point Passion Beach Centre at the foot of the ramparts in St. Malo.

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  • Spirit Surf Club

    191 rue Constant Vinet
    56510 Saint-Pierre-Quiberon
    Cell : 06 87 56 32 18

    A club and surfing school, the Spirit Surf Club welcomes you throughout the year at a training centre offering various training possibilities between April and November.

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  • Surfing Paradise - Brittany

    Surfing Paradise

    Route de Port Blanc
    Z.A. de kergroix
    56510 Saint-Pierre-Quiberon
    Phone : 02 97 50 39 67

    A team of experienced instructors welcomes you to one of the best spots in Brittany with the aim of offering quality teaching.

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  • Centre Nautique de Rance, Club Nautique de Rennes - Brittany

    Centre Nautique de Rance, Club Nautique de Rennes

    Quai de la Rance
    35430 Saint-Suliac
    Phone : 02 99 58 48 80

    In Saint-Suliac, in the Rance Estuary, not far from St. Malo, this centre offers various programmes and enables children to take part aboard a boat that is both innovative and traditional.

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  • Carnac Evasion - Brittany

    Carnac Evasion

    52 avenue des Druides
    56340 Carnac
    Phone : 02 97 52 63 30
    Fax : 02 97 52 23 71

    Open in 1998, Carnac Evasion was the first kite-surfing school to be set up in Brittany and is among the most dynamic structures in France.

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  • ULM Club la Paimpolaise - Brittany

    ULM Club la Paimpolaise

    Impasse Clément Ader
    22500 Kerfot
    Phone : 02 96 20 85 33
    Fax : 02 96 20 91 18

    Since 1981, La Paimpolaise Microlight Club has been enabling others to discover the pleasures of microlight flying. That is their goal after all “Sharing our passion for flying,” explained Philippe Meriglier, instructor and president of this club.

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  • Nautisme en Pays d'Iroise Landunvez - Brittany

    Nautisme en Pays d'Iroise Landunvez

    Cale d'Argenton
    29840 Landunvez
    Phone : 02 98 89 54 04
    Fax : 02 98 48 76 23

    Four bodies are grouped together under a single banner. “Water sports in the Iroise region” brings together a wide range of sailing activities at the tip of Finistère, along more than 5 miles of coast.

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  • Centre nautique de Moulin Mer - Brittany

    Centre nautique de Moulin Mer

    Route du Centre Nautique
    29460 Logonna-Daoulas
    Phone : 02 98 20 75 00
    Fax : 02 98 20 75 01

    Close to Brest in a 3 hectare wooded area down by the water, the Moulin Mer Centre offers many possibilities in facilities making sea sports available to all, which is a guiding principle at the centre.

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  • Spot Nautique de Kerfany Les Pins - Brittany

    Spot Nautique de Kerfany Les Pins

    Plage de Kerfany
    29350 Moëlan-sur-Mer
    Phone : 02 98 71 07 98
    Fax : 02 98 71 13 08

    At the Point Passion beach Centre in Kerfany les Pins, instructors take the time to advise beginners and sailors, who wish to improve their skills.

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  • Surf Attitude - Brittany

    Surf Attitude

    Lieu d'activité La Torche
    29710 Pouldreuzic
    Cell : 06 28 35 10 80

    Surf Attitude's credo: to let you surf in the best spots and in the best conditions. The school adapts to weather conditions and the level of its surfers, offering a unique 'à la carte' service.

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  • Canoë kayak Ille et Rance - Brittany

    Canoë kayak Ille et Rance

    Ile de Robinson
    35760 Saint-Grégoire
    Phone : 09 61 54 98 62

    The Ile-et-Rance Canoe-Kayak club at Saint-Grégoire, north of Rennes, offers a high level of expertise. The club regularly trains sports kayakers at a very high level. The club is open to everyone and has a wide range of facilities and equipment available.

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  • Yacht Club de Saint-Lunaire - Brittany

    Yacht Club de Saint-Lunaire

    Boulevard de la Plage
    B.P. 15
    35800 Saint-Lunaire
    Phone : 02 99 46 30 04

    Right next to the Pointe du Décollé looking out on Harbour Island and Saint-Malo Bay, Saint-Lunaire Yacht Club is a magnificent setting allowing you to sail in gentle waters.

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  • West Gliss - Brittany

    West Gliss

    Chemin des Dunes
    Plage de Pentrez
    29550 Saint-Nic
    Cell : 06 65 26 25 76

    In the south of the Crozon Peninsula, West Gliss runs kite-surfing courses and trips on an inflatable towed by a motor-boat. Laughs guaranteed!

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  • Advance Ride - Brittany

    Advance Ride

    Lac de Ty Colo
    29290 Saint-Renan
    Cell : 06 43 07 63 57

    It is on Ty Colo Lake in Saint-Renan that the first water-ski tow centre in Brittany has been set up. From March to November, beginners and more advanced students can enjoy the pleasures of wakeboarding, just ten minutes from Brest.

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  • Cercle Nautique de la Ria d'Etel - Brittany

    Cercle Nautique de la Ria d'Etel

    Rue de la Barre
    56410 Étel
    Phone : 02 97 55 21 26
    Fax : 02 97 55 28 85

    If we had one thing to say about the Etel Water Sports Centre, what would it be? “The strength of the volunteers,” was the immediate answer from Philippe Guhel, in charge of diving at the club, before extolling the virtues of the river.

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