Aber Wrac'h Plongée

Diving is a passion in Aber Wrac’h

Landéda, Finistère

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Aber Wrac'h Plongée
Port de l'Aber Wrac'h
29870 Landéda
Cell : 06 77 78 45 15
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“Before considering it as a job, diving is our passion.” With their flippers on, Ludovic Granier and Eric Ledormeur, manager and instructor at Aber Wrac’h Diving makes it very clear.
From their premises in Aber Wrac’h Harbour, Aber Wrac'h Diving offers trips and diving training courses up to level 3. The premises look out over the marina, which makes it easy to get aboard the RIB (24 places). “What attracts divers to Brittany is the amount of animal and plant life,” continued Ludovic Granier. When someone comes here to see ray, or seals, we do our utmost to allow them to do that.” Whatever your level, you can be certain of enjoying a diving trip. More experienced divers can even visit the wreck of the Amoco Cadiz or the Elektra. Everyone will benefit from modern, good quality equipment that is supplied by Aber Wrac'h Diving.

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