Au Gré du Vent

Kayaking, biking and sailing between the Atlantic and the river Vilaine.

Camoël, Morbihan

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Au Gré du Vent
Port de Plaisance
56130 Camoël
Phone : 02 99 90 56 91
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Outings by bike or boat, kayak trips on the sea or river…with Au gré du Vent's water sports centre you can enjoy a whole variety of enjoyable activities.
Located on the barrage of Arzal, in the Morbihan, the Au gré du Vent leisure complex is situated between the sea and the Vilaine river. You prefer the sea? Discover the Gulf of Morbihan and the Guérande Peninsula in a sea kayak. Or perhaps you prefer the countryside? You have the choice between a trip in a boat which you can sail by yourself along the Vilaine to the charming village of La Roche-Bernard, bike tours or canoe-kayak outings on the river. There are packages to suit all types: individuals or groups, young or not so young, beginners or experienced.

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  • Canoeing and kayaking
  • Paddleboarding

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