Blue Live

Dive as you wish off the island of Groix

Larmor-Plage, Morbihan

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Blue Live
10 rue des frères Leroy Queret
56260 Larmor-Plage
Phone : 02 97 65 44 69
Fax : 02 97 65 44 69
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Our strong point is the fact that we offer a wide range of possibilities.” In the town of Larmor Plage, 150 metres from Port Maria, the Blue Live Diving Centre offers a wide range of diving opportunities.
From first dives from the beach to advanced teaching up to level 4, including underwater explorations diving using a Nitrox mix, Mickaël Alix’s team can fit out and take around twenty divers out to Groix Island, on a trip lasting around twenty minutes. “There are also around twenty wrecks accessible to qualified divers,” added Mickaël. The one that is the most popular is the U171, one of the only submarines which can be reached at a shallow depth (38 m.).” Open from Easter to November, the centre also makes it possible to dive from la Trinité-sur-Mer with Made in Blue.

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