Bonobo Parc

Bonobo Parc, the country comes to town

Quimper, Finistère

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Bonobo Parc
45 rue du president sadate
29000 Quimper
Phone : 02 98 53 09 59
Fax : 02 98 10 12 06
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Get some fresh air and get to the top in the city. That is what Bonobo Park offers. For all ages, you can feel some incredible emotions perched up in the trees in Quimper.
In the heart of a park of two-hundred year old trees, in Créac’h Gwen leisure park, Christian Marsolier welcomes you with all the activities, which make up this acrobatic trail in the air. Bonobo Parc stretches out over 3000 square metres of chlorophyll and welcomes tiny tots from the age of 4. From the age of 8 there are activities for all ages and levels corresponding to workshops referred to as blue to pitch black, where you can go between activities for the whole family and physically testing workouts. But what makes this centre stand out is the fact that you are in the air in a green world: "Our park is very compact and there are three floors in the trees, which means there is a very friendly atmosphere. That also allows our team to be alongside everyone, to hear and see them, which is very important from a safety perspective".

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