Centre de plongée H2JO

Dive into the friendly atmosphere of Le Crouesty

Arzon, Morbihan

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Centre de plongée H2JO
19 quai des Cabestans
56640 Arzon
Phone : 02 97 53 62 73
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Situated in the Port of Le Crouesty, at Arzon, H2JO offer introductory dives, diving courses and exploratory dives for beginners and more advanced divers. A chance to discover the seabed of the Morbihan Gulf and Quiberon Bay in a friendly atmosphere and in optimal conditions.
From April to November, H2JO welcome divers of all levels aged 8 years and over. For beginners, 'baptisms' either in the sea or swimming pool are organised. More experienced divers can go off exploring - with the possibility of buying a book of 5, 10 or 20 dives - or take a course, from beginners to instructor level. The centre is run by Joël Gernier, creator and manager, who teaches his passion in a friendly and convivial atmosphere. They’ve thought of everything to optimise your experience. "The material is new and replaced every year" explains Joël. "The centre is comfortable and just 50m from the water's edge". The boats are well-equipped and functional, making the journey to the diving site a pleasant one. H2JO are keen to develop an eco-friendly approach to diving, and to ensure that divers respect the environment.

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  • Diving
  • Snorkelling

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