Corsaires malouins

Kayaking in the heart of St Malo!

Saint-Malo, Ille et Vilaine

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Corsaires malouins
7 rue de la Clouterie
35400 Saint-Malo
Phone : 02 99 40 92 04
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The Corsaires Malouins (St Malo corsairs) sea-kayaking club is a great opportunity to get on board at the foot of the city walls and explore the variety of the surrounding waters.
The Centre is open all year round for kayakers with some experience, and supervised trips are available for beginners between April and November. Qualified instructors will take out groups and individuals aged from 10 years for sea-kayaking sessions, so long as they can swim. In summer, courses of 3 or 5 half-days are available. Regardless of age and ability, the Corsaires Malouins club will provide high standard equipment that’s right for you. The Saint-Malo bay area has a wonderful heritage and beautiful wildlife – it’s an ideal location for learning all about the pleasures of sea-kayaking. The club manager Gaëlle Régnier says that “We have an exceptionally interesting area in which to kayak with opportunities for some really varied trips.”

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