Ecole de Voile Locquirec

Sailing for youngsters and racers in Locquirec

Locquirec, Finistère

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Ecole de Voile Locquirec
29241 Locquirec
Phone : 02 98 67 44 57
Fax : 02 98 67 45 94
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On the border between Finistère and the Côtes d’Armor, Locquirec Sailing School invites sailors of all levels to come to these safe waters.
During the Easter and summer holidays, the school allows beginners to attend sessions on optimists, dinghies, catamarans and in windsurfing. Six two-hour sessions are programmed from Monday to Saturday. The younger kids can discover marine life thanks to a cadets’ club. Whatever type of craft you choose, you will benefit from the presence of qualified instructors and the sessions take place on sheltered waters. You can also go sailing throughout the year for fun or in races. Locquirec Sailing School includes some excellent competitors. But you don’t need to be an expert to race, as the goal is to “make competitions open to as many people as possible,” explained Marco Boizard, the director. To finish, we should add that the school offers a hire service during the peak season and welcomes all types of group booking.

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  • Catamarans and Dinghies
  • Windsurfing
  • Beach club (5-7 years)

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