Ecole de Vol Libre du Ménez-Hom

Free as the air

Plomodiern, Finistère

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Ecole de Vol Libre du Ménez-Hom
29550 Plomodiern
Phone : 02 98 81 50 27
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On the sloping mountainside at the Ménez-Hom hang-gliding school, paragliders and hang-gliders take off from 800 metres above ground level
At a height of 330 metres, the Ménez-Hom towers over the Bays of Brest and Douarnenez. Always windswept, this is the best spot imaginable for gliding sharply upwards over Brittany's beaches and inland terrain. Don't miss a speck of it while you're up there - the picture-postcard view is breathtakingly beautiful. The Ménez-Hom hang-gliding school, run by qualified instructors, organises introductory and advanced sessions in paragliding and hang-gliding, as well as 'baptism' flights. You can sign up for half a day, a full day, a weekend or a whole week, whatever suits you best. Depending on the weather and the strength of the wind, you will take off either from the grassy hillside or from a nearby location. Time for a change of air...

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