HMC Lohéac

Excitement on four wheels

Lohéac, Ille et Vilaine

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HMC Lohéac
La Rublard
35550 Lohéac
Phone : 02 99 34 00 29
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In Lohéac, the real home to motor racing in the heart of Brittany, you can take the wheel of a GT saloon car (Hommel, Porsche Carrera 2, Porsche Cayman…) or a Funyo prototype.
Created in 1997 by Patrice Houllier, after 25 years of experience in motor racing, the HMC School has become the reference in terms of driving on asphalt circuits.
To allow you to enter a world dedicated to thrills on four wheels, Patrice Houllier and his team of French drivers / instructors, approved by the French motor racing association (FFSA), offer you the keys to drive, race and find the right pace around the track.
This driving school has come up with a range of offers (fun, initiation, half-day training sessions, full day sessions), suited to all, men and women, individuals or groups. You can discover the various offers (initiation for teenagers, training sessions for “he who dares”) are among the ways to discover a different world, with flags, times and fuel fed fun.

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  • Circuit racing

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