Jeunesse et Marine

Learning to sail with a team spirit

Ile-d'Arz, Morbihan

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Jeunesse et Marine
Pointe du Mounien
Chemin de Penhers
56840 Ile-d'Arz
Phone : 02 97 44 31 23
Fax : 02 97 26 37 42
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With fifty years of experience in the Gulf of Morbihan islands, Jeunesse et Marine is a school of life as much as a sailing school for the youngsters, who come here each summer.
Taken care of from the start in major French towns, youngsters between 7 and 17 come for holidays and to discover sailing and a team spirit. For a week or longer, the trainees follow in the footsteps of great sailors and set off to find adventure on trips around the islands. The main craft used are windsurfing boards, catamarans and dinghies. For older children, from the age of 13, there is cruising with a sailing area, which is adapted to each level including trips into Quiberon Bay and out into the Bay of Biscay. François Le Goff, the technical manager on Arz Island, explains: "We teach children the techniques of sailing and all about the environment. But we also attempt to make them aware of the importance of team effort".

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  • Catamarans and Dinghies
  • Windsurfing
  • Sailing cruise
  • Traditional sailing ship

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