Karting de Saint-Malo

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Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes, Ille et Vilaine

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Karting de Saint-Malo
Les Nielles
35350 Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes
Phone : 02 99 89 16 88
Fax : 02 99 89 23 61
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With a track measuring almost 1 km (902 metres), the Saint-Malo karting centre welcomes you in Saint-Méloir des Ondes on the region's biggest open air circuit.
Well known for its speed, excitement and fun, this centre dedicated to those, who enjoy driving and who are looking for high-speed thrills, offers several types of karts, regularly updated and in particular adapted to the age and ability of the driver. For children between 5 and 16, there are specific karts. For experienced adults (aged over 16) there are the 250 cc/4-stroke fuel injected 22HP karts, where you can reach speeds close to 110 km/h (70mph). So each category has their own track: the small one for beginners and the big one for those, looking for thrills. So why not give it a go with one of the trial sessions or on one of the challenges created for groups, where you are all bound to enjoy yourselves.

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